New Capital Exhibition Art-Space-Art-Ferma
June 27th, 2011 by thesuper

Moscow has long been a real boom for the creation of new art spaces. They occur mainly in the industrial zones, factories and hangars of the former depot, creating a cultural clusters. Another such cultural cluster is “Art Farm” – a new capital Exhibition ART-space, got its name by analogy with the location. Is located “Art Farm” in the pavilion “RosStroyExpo” formerly known as the Farm Centre. “Art Farm” suggests to combine under one roof both known and most young designers of different styles, from classical to avant-garde. Wide range of tasks: it covers virtually all areas of contemporary design.

It’s not just interior design, but also industrial design, graphics, furniture, etc. At the “Art Farm”, is supposed to collective and personal exhibitions. So zheorganizatsiyu permanent master classes for professional audiences (students and graduates of architecture and design schools, novice designers), and ordinary consumers who are interested in equipping their homes. The organizers of the project (Sergei Semenov and Raya Ivanovskaya) are the designers and their works will be exhibited immediately after opening. The first exhibition project of the new Center for Contemporary Interior “Art Farm” will be exhibit “Three rooms or Traveling in your own mind.

” Conception of the exhibition space – a journey into his life in his own world. The first room, according to the concept of the exhibition – “office”, that is external, the business world. Direct graceful lines, the rigor and clarity of thought and brevity. Second room – “House”, the boundary of the external world and internal (in fact the one hand, his house, and on the other – it let strangers). The space is cozy and diverse decorated. Here, fun, cute, ironic. The third room – “consciousness, inner peace. Traveling in his own imagination. It embodied the most crazy and amazing ideas. The room looks very, very strange. The space of this room is playing, transformed, interactive. It erases the boundaries of reality, things are not what they seem.

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