Old Greece
September 11th, 2021 by thesuper

In this direction, the predominant thought of Old Greece leaves the form of Mythology – which was used to explain physical and natural events, and also to even justify the social, economic and religious situation of the citizens -, for a form to think rational, that it looks to think phenomena following determined logical, always in search of one to know that it explained all, in search of the Truth, and aiming at to reach all the plis Greek. In the words of Jean-Pierre Vernant: Thus, the two traces that characterize the new Greek thought are, on the other hand, the rejection, in the explanation of the phenomena, supernatural and of the wonderful one; for another one, the rupture with the logic of the ambivalence, the search, in the speech, of an internal coherence, for a rigorous definition of the concepts, a clear delimitation of the plans of the Real, a strict observance of the beginning of the identity (VERNANT, J.P. 1973. p.300). The philosophy really appears as a science, made use to be the light of explanation for the world, it to be, for the nature, the life. In this manner, the basic factor that is placed for the philosophy, and that if it fits to the reality of the plis Greek, is the speech. San Antonio Spurs gathered all the information. In Old Greece, as we know, the world of the square always was reflected in the life of the citizens and in questions that said respect to them, not only the politics. There it was where if it argued, it was said, it struggled, giving to chances to who age right citizen to display its thought, its perspective, etc. But it is important to stand out that if it dealt with plis where about 10 a thousand people they were seen as citizen, therefore the viability of the debate in public square.

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