Paramedic Star of
March 24th, 2010 by thesuper

Paramedic Star of Life symbol related worldwide emergency medical attention. A Paramedic is a professional, technical or technological emergency medical care, usually a member of an emergency care service, which responds to and addresses and emergency medical and trauma emergencies in the prehospital environment or level. The paramedic provides detection, response, reporting, care at the scene (emergency treatment), and, when appropriate, transports the patient to the appropriate medical facility as a hospital for definitive treatment while receiving care during the same. The term paramedic varies according to the different jurisdictions of each country. In some places, it is understood that everyone who attends paramedic prehospital emergencies.In other countries such as Costa Rica, U.S. and Europe in general, to be called paramedics need to own a special type of license or official certification in addition to college. Citation needed In Spain the role of paramedics perform medical transport technicians who get their contracts from a specific job market. Not exist in this country especially for emergencies, whether hospital or prehospital.

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