Plot of the story
February 14th, 2010 by thesuper

The game takes place over 6 days in New York in 1997. The incident began on Dec. 24 and ends on 30. Aya Brea, an NYPD rookie 24 years, is attending an opera at Carnegie Hall in New York during Christmas when suddenly, at the time the lead actress begins her aria, almost everyone in the theater burst into flames . Aya, the man beside her and an actress on the stage are the only people in the entire building left undamaged. Aya confronts the actress, Melissa Pearce, who fight against it with some strange powers, and before disappearing backstage Pearce cryptically mentions that mitochondria in cells of Aya need more time to develop. After meeting with the actress, Aya feels a change in your body: a strange sensation of intense heat along with some new powers. Aya explores between racks looking for Pearce and Melissa’s diary found in a clubhouse.Discover the desire for the actress to play the main role of the play and a concert in Central Park, and his addiction at a particular medication because lately he was feeling sick because his body temperature rose suddenly for no reason. In the last room on the back of the theater, Aya finds Pearce playing the piano, suddenly mutates into a floating sort of monster. Pearce states that she is no longer Melissa Pearce, but “Eve”, a hell being a single goal: to free all existing mitochondria. After a strange vision of Aya, Eve escapes through the sewer system, but Aya is confronted with it again after defeating a variety of mutant creatures, called NMCS, or Neo-Mitochondrial Creatures. By the way, Aya thinks he sees the ghost of a girl that is familiar. Eve says she’ll give you more time to Aya to evolve and escape while Aya fights a huge mutant alligator. All this takes place in a multitude of scenarios full of suspense and imagination.After an uncomfortable news conference at police regarding the events at Carnegie Hall, Aya goes to see a scientific expert on mitochondria to the Natural History Museum with Daniel, his partner in the Police Department. Dr. Hans Klamp provides them with diverse scientific information on the mitochondria apparently useless, but Aya and Daniel Klamp suspect that something hidden from them, especially seeing that reacts strangely when referred to Eve. Back at the station, Commissioner Baker informed them that Eve is in the amphitheater at Central Park, where Melissa Perce was giving a recital. Daniel said that his ex-wife and son went to go see him, and without hesitation, he and Aya rushed over there to rescue them. Upon arrival, Aya has to go alone in the park because Daniel is at risk of catching fire if it enters the sphere of influence mitochondrial Eve.After passing through the park opened battling mutant animals, Aya makes it to the amphitheater, but it’s too late to stop Eve, who uses his power to the entire audience in a gelatinous mass blend orange. Aya goes after Eve fleeing the amphitheater, and as you progress through the park back to have strange visions of a hospital room, and go back to the girl ghost, who identifies as Maya, her deceased younger sister. Eve finally reached, and both end up fighting in a cart, where he berates Eve Aya who is on the side of those pathetic humans and do not jump on it. Finally, the horse racing, and flaming because of Eve, falls dead, the cart crashes and Aya becomes unconscious. Then follow with Daniel for a short time. Daniel meets his son, Ben, who escaped the amphitheater, while the ex-wife of Daniel, Lorraine, has been absorbed by the gelatinous mass. Meanwhile, the police decided to evacuate all of Manhattan and set up a perimeter emergency Eve at the threat posed to the entire city.The scene changes and we see a young Japanese man, Kunihiko Maeda, trying to cross a police barricade, which achieved when one of the police begins to burn, causing a distraction. Then we see Aya wakes Maeda’s apartment in Soho, where he is Daniel. Maeda explains to two similar incidents occurred long ago in Japan (in the novel of the same name as the game). It all started when a scientist tried to culture the cells alive by his wife, who died in a car accident, to revive it. The process worked, but their mitochondria seized a woman’s body, but the lifetime of Eve, the mitochondria in question, was brief. The scientist’s wife was an organ donor, and after his death, his kidneys were transplanted in him a young girl.

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