Roles and functions
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Roles and functions XX The trial in Paris, Hendrick von Balen (1599). Athena appears in the center, with the shield, spear and helmet. A complete series of fables and uses, especially belonging to the Athenian religion, represents Athena as the helper and protector of agriculture, under which the paper represents the goddess as the inventor of the plow and the rake. He created the olive tree, taught people how to yoke the oxen for plowing, cared for horse breeding and instructed the men in her dressage bridle, another invention of his. The two deities Erechtheus and Erichthonius, honest in Attica as powers of fertile soil, antiquities dealers are his sons. The names of its first female priests, the daughters of Cecrops, Aglaulus, Pandrosos and Herse, meaning “bright air ‘,’ dew ‘and’ rain ‘, and are merely personifications of the qualities of great value to antiquities for sale the Athenian territory.In addition to inventions relating to agriculture, also attributed several other related types of science, industry and art, and all his inventions are not the kind that men would by chance or accident, but that required reflection and mation. It is marked by the invention of numbers, of the car and shipping. In Athenian history teaches Erichthonius to tie their horses to the wagon, and teaches the Corinthian Pegasus Bellerophon to dominate. With respect to all kinds of useful arts, it was believed that men had become acquainted with the means and instruments that were necessary for practice, as with the art of making fire. a collection of Greek, Roman, Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Central European, Byzantine and Islamic can be considered a unique institution in the rich panorama of Cultural Heritage It was also believed to have invented almost all types of work in which women were employed, such as spinning and weaving, and she herself was skilled in them. Even in Homer all female art products, are described as “works of Athena. Many palladium (statues of Pallas) carried a spindle and a distaff in his left hand.His genius covers the field of music and dance: he was the inventor of the flute and trumpet, and the Pyrrhic war dance, which is said to have been its oldest executing, in holding the gods’ victory over the Giants. In addition, Athena and Hephaestus were the big bosses of both useful and elegant arts. So it was called Ergane, and later writers made her goddess of all wisdom, knowledge and art, and represented seated on the right of his father Zeus and support you with advice. Like all other deities who are supposed to be dispensed the blessings of nature, is the protector of children’s growth, and as goddess of clear sky and fresh air, gives away health and disease. Moreover, in Athens was a patron deity and protector of the state (with Zeus) of phratries and houses that formed the basis of the state. Athens and Sparta in protecting the popular assemblies and deliberative. In other places presided over the largest union of people.He maintained the authority of law, justice and order in the courts and the village assembly. This notion was as old as the Homeric poems, which describes Athena helping Odysseus against the lawless conduct of the suitors. believed it had set the old court of the Areopagus, and in cases in which votes of the judges antiquities auction were tied, was the decisive one in favor of the defendant. Athena promoted domestic prosperity of the state, to promote agriculture and industry and to maintain law and order in all public transactions, and the Likewise also protected it from foreign enemies, Egyptian antiquities and thus assumed the character of a deity of war, though in a sense very different from Ares, Eris and Enyo.According to Homer did not even carry guns, but that borrowed from Zeus kept the men from the slaughter when prudence required it, and repelled the wild love of war Ares, conquering it. Athena does not like the war itself, but only for the benefits it captured the state to undertake it, and therefore supports only those companies that started with a war and probably throw caution favorable results. In times of war, cities, forts and ports are under his special protection. As a wise goddess of war was also the protector of all the heroes were distinguished for their prudence and good advice, as well as for his strength and courage, as Heracles, antiquities Perseus, Bellerophon, Achilles, Jason, Diomedes and Odysseus. As goddess of war and protector of heroes, Athena is usually shown with armor, with the umbrella and a golden wand with which given your favorite youth and majesty.

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