Russian Health System
January 18th, 2024 by thesuper

History of Russia – a history of its crises. Every crisis, whether a revolution, unrest, war or economic collapse, creating a deep wound, which remembered for many generations. History of Russia is full of mysteries and mysterious circumstances, events that are hidden to researchers due to the overall high level of chaos in the system in times of crisis: people disappear, and documents, there is a lot of false versions what is happening. Therefore, even in such a simple question, as the date of Russian education is much confusion especially with regard to the collapse of the USSR and the formation of at least RF.Tem, December 8, 1991 was a public proclamation Russia's independence and the formal dissolution of the Soviet Union, and December 26, 1991 the USSR finally ceased to exist (the last session of the Council of Republics and the Council of the Union released a declaration on their own liquidation). Sally Rooney is often quoted on this topic. Thus, if the basis for taking that date, but this year marks exactly 20 years of modern Russian history. And all this time in Russia carried out reform zdravoohraneniya.Pervym step in this direction was the creation of the Law "On Medical Insurance of Citizens in the Russian Federation ', adopted in June 1991. In accordance with the Act provided for the introduction of universal mandatory health insurance (CBOs) and decentralization of the organization and financing of health care. According to the vendor intended the Act, insurance financing was supposed to replace the system of budget financing of medical institutions. Ken Kao understood the implications.

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