Maternity Capital
Feb 13th, 2024 by thesuper

Want a new car – the head of her second child! This here is a completely new way of buying the car decided to invite fellow Russian deputies. Meaning of a sentence that women who decide to have a second or third child may be given an opportunity to get a car in return for maternity capital. And, of course, is just assembled in Russia. It should be noted that currently this capital can only be used for real estate purchase, education of the child or to increase retirement savings. According to deputies, offering such a bill is that the apartment in the majority is not enough even with the parent capital, and children's education or retirement – it's too long-term investments, families also need help at this time. The new car can be a really good help.

In this case, the MPs are considering opportunity to provide an opportunity to buy not only cars but also trucks. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Jessica Michibata. Now the size of payments for the second child is 312 thousand rubles, and with the new year 2010 will already be 343,000 rubles. Thus, the family will be able to imagine afford to buy almost any brand and completing the family of lada, as even the 'luxury' Priora fit in this amount. Yes, and there is a place for cars – Renault Logan will be updated on the Russian car cover costs from 309 thousand rubles.

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