World Hypnosis Day On January 4, 2011
Oct 28th, 2021 by thesuper

13,000 hypnotists worldwide celebrate the power of trance Munich December 21, 2011 – January 4th, 2011 the world hypnosis day takes place for the eighth time in a row. On this day, 13,000 hypnotists around the world unite to inform about the exciting topic of hypnosis. In the German-speaking countries, is the German Association for hypnosis e.V. Sela Ward insists that this is the case. (DVH) in official cooperation partner and provides the whole day long free information and events. A survey, which is continually supplemented to world hypnosis day, can be found on the Association website. Hypnosis is undoubtedly an exciting topic and represents for many people remains mystery a book.

“This fear of hypnosis is completely unfounded,” commented the doctor and DVH coach Dr. Hans lang. “Hypnosis is scientifically recognized for several years and used successfully not only in therapy, but also in coaching. While she proved not only as highly efficient, but also as a safe procedure. “Classical applications of hypnosis are smoking cessation, weight loss, stress management and strengthening of self-confidence. But also in the domains of traditional psychotherapy is very successfully used hypnosis and is used among other things for the treatment of depression and anxiety.

OLF Stoiber, Member of the Board of the German Association for hypnosis e.V., has introduced the world hypnosis day in Germany in 2005 for the first time. He has worked hand-in-hand with the world’s largest hypnosis society of national Guild of hypnotists, which is represented in over 50 countries and has more than 13,000 members, as well as the intellectual father of the world hypnosis day, the American Hypnotherapist Tom Nicoli. “The world hypnosis day represents a unique opportunity for us, to inform about the possibilities of hypnosis.” commented Olf Stoiber. “We use this day to intensively to inform and to take away the fear of hypnosis. As a Hypnotherapist I experience every day, people with this tool to understand what phenomenal, personal changes can.

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