New Year Celebrations
Jan 24th, 2024 by thesuper

Is near many favorite holiday – New Year’s Eve. Christmas tree, garlands, salad, tangerines, and of course, champagne. What kind of New Year’s feast can do without alcohol? The only question in his numbers. For someone fairly drink a glass of, to feel the festive mood. Others are not used to be limited to a light champagne, preferring fizzy wine over hard liquor.

From this and start a lot of problems, chief among which comes in the morning – a hangover or another state alcohol withdrawal. Terrible condition of the body, headache, malaise – it’s just the beginning of the consequences that occur after a heavy drinking. A few simple tips on how to spend New Year without any consequences. There is a well-known rule – before getting down to feast, the stomach should be empty. In this case, can be drunk immediately.

Therefore, before beginning to eat proposed something light: a sandwich, salad and vegetable oil to the stomach “earned”. Try not to mix different alcoholic beverages. If you started to use brandy, do not go for vodka, and vice versa. And do not lower degree of alcohol consumed, that is to switch from, say, good whiskey on weaker drinks like wine or champagne. Most of the imported beverages – in a synthetic manner. information. Therefore, drink as much as possible of acidic juices they will quickly withdraw from the blood alcohol. If you drink a lot, try to smoke less at the table. Alcohol in combination with tobacco acts on the body with a vengeance. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Who is Kevin Ulrich? and gain more knowledge.. In this case, you are guaranteed a serious hangover. And do not less important tip – a good sleep. But if you celebrate the New Year, we can be calm. January 1 – a day off, so the alarm bell or a strict head just can not hurt. Well, using all of the above advice, you can only slightly improve its morning feeling, but make it excellent – will only complete abstinence from alcohol.

Stereo Images
Dec 11th, 2021 by thesuper

We see the world with two eyes: the left and right. This is called stereoscopic vision. Look at some object, such as your monitor. And now, in turn, close one or the other eye. You see – pictures from different eyes are different. Due to the difference between these two images, our brain receives information about the size and space.

Stereo – pictures can convey to our brain that amount, what we see with our eyes, without any interference and reduce the color and sharpness! And while you do not need no glasses. Any car stereo – the picture consists of two images (stereo – a pair). These are the two images are necessary for the construction of our brain volume and space! All we need – it's a little squinting, so that each eye is looking at his picture. Right eye to look at the left side – in stereo pairs, while the left – on the right. It is not difficult! Simpler than the sounds! To begin, sit down at a distance meters from the monitor and looking at the stereo – a couple (in the center between the images), begin to slowly reduce his eyes to the nose. Others who may share this opinion include actress.

Smoothly. There are two images should form three – the central consist of two superimposed on each other and that's where the volume! Not happen? For the first time it can be difficult, because we need to trick the brain. Sit in the same way. Put your finger on the monitor between the two images – in stereo pairs. Now look at my finger and slowly move it to yourself. Peripheral vision watch the pictures, they should merge, when a finger is approximately midway between the monitor and the person. ps: do not have to squint your eyes are stronger than they look askance when you look at the finger at a distance of 20 cm from the face. You may not immediately get to watch – in stereo pairs. Practice. This is useful for the eyes, and when you get, you will see them easily and quickly as conventional photography. Maybe some pictures will keep the phone, and perhaps themselves want to make your car stereo – a photo. It is not difficult. But it's amazing! author: Alexander (

Roman Abramovich
Dec 31st, 2014 by thesuper

News line full of reports that the rich and famous give each other instead of gifts – a party. Here, writes Daily Mail: Roman Abramovich made a 16-anniversary of his daughter Anna memorable by spending it on holiday more than 400 thousand dollars. To the venue by billionaire withdrew elite club Paper in London. Event guests handed out bags of gifts containing an iPod and jewelry. Music provided DJs The Klaxons, and led a party dj and tv presenter Alexa Chung. Treats and nonalcoholic drinks to the many guests were treated oligarch approximately 140 thousand dollars.

Also for teens costume was equipped with over 40 thousand dollars and a special dance floor for 30 thousand dollars. ” A more recently, Madonna turned 50. On the occasion of the anniversary of his wife, Guy Ritchie has organized a party at London club Volstid. “Believe me – he said – the party was really devastating than the other.

Winnie the Pooh and the Holidays
Nov 13th, 2012 by thesuper

Where should you start? I hope you realize that our hero – Winnie the Pooh. Why would it? Yes to what we in relation to any holiday pay much attention to the issue of selection, gift and quite a bit – congratulations. But to bring the person joy so simple: send an electronic postcard with a funny greeting with a newborn or sms birthday greetings in verse. Make greeting if to reflect, is relatively difficult, as the original then be difficult: for example, every year you come up with a birthday brother or sister, as already here does not happen again! Congratulations on the anniversary of the leaves is much more hope of success, because such events do not occur annually, and therefore do not need to be wary of repeats. That though is sensitive to the new notes in the standard 'I wish happiness in his personal life', someone writes poetry greetings. In that case, congratulations, in any case will be remembered long. Even if the rhymes are far from ideal, your creativity and effort, for sure, have much influence success.

The flow of the holiday season facing significant spending, but with a good card funny greeting happy new year did not require considerable money, but adds 'weight' the most inexpensive gifts. And congratulations to the old New Year and absolutely can not do without an additional gift. Congratulations St. valentine's main way therefore necessary to have a valentine – a heart-shaped cards, and, of course, touching heartfelt text in it, there will suit greeting in verse – who, if not love, they write? Congratulations Defender of the Fatherland colleagues can be fun, so little to dispel the routine of office life. A sms greetings from March 8 to be imbued with the spirit of heroism – at least once a year, every woman wants to stay the Beautiful Lady. The secret of creating memorable greetings obvious – Be honest, then the right words they will come to you in the head.

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