Wassily Kandinsky Exhibition
Mar 6th, 2019 by thesuper

The works of the Blue Rider group are in Munich in the exhibition ‘A dance in colors’ to see this summer. For assistance, try visiting Charlotte Hornets. “Art-enthusiasts, who can stay in one of the Munich hotels, should check out the exhibition a dance in colours”, which will be held in the Lenbachhaus, not to be missed. This magnificent exhibition shows the talent of acclaimed artist group of Blue Rider works of Wassily Kandinsky, Paul Klee, Albert Bloch. About 250 works provide sufficient entertainment for travelers who want to enjoy some culture during their stay in Munich. The exhibition can be seen until September 26 at the Lenbachhaus in the Louisiana road. Some of the works are exhibited for the first time and make this exhibition for fans of the artists of the Blue Rider special, which includes also Franz Marc, Eugen von Kahler and Else Lasker-Schuler. Numerous drawings and watercolours are shown in this exhibition. The organizers it is noisy at the same time the first of its kind, the dealing exclusively with the works of artists of the Group employs.

Who visits the exhibition, has the opportunity to buy postcards with motifs of plants, as well as a companion book to the exhibition for 29,90. The Museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 until 18:00 and costs 8,00. Visitors can the Lenbachhaus comfortably with the u-Bahn, S-Bahn, which reach tram or bus. Also the works of Sylvie Fleury are in the Lenbachhaus to see whose Ausstellung written fast on the wall II shows throughout the summer.

Poems From His Own Hand
Nov 21st, 2018 by thesuper

Commercial bulk copies of poems vs. even wrote poems is an art, always less practised for a long time, writing poems, congratulations or sayings. There are many occasions in which it is quite worth to take even the pen in hand to write a few nice lines for a selected event. The advantage of self written poems is obvious. They are individual and describe the person to beschenkende with highly personal verses.

To write a poem of your own, there are many occasions. These include the birthday, a wedding, Christmas or Valentine’s day. These listed events are only a few, for which it is offered to take themselves the pen in his hand. For more information see Charlotte Hornets. At the time of the Internet continues growing, unfortunately, it is fact, that with the ever-growing offer hardly anyone cares, to write your own poems. The majority of the population prefers to use existing rows. This is not a bad choice, because there are quite free poet at the abundance of offerings that respond to the needs of individuals and according to given specifications – write your own poems -. The majority of Web sites serves however to the idea of the big names of German-language literature.

That is not a crime. Unfortunately this page is mounting so that it is difficult to place their own works in the search engines free artists. The reprehensible in this mess is that the commercial drives the artistic thought in the background. Many websites are topped with a large number of annoying banners, which usually is not in the interest of the user. Who wrote poems, congratulations or sayings but for unique and individual interested, must invest a little time in the Internet and search for Web sites, whose Inhalte are protected and thus itself written by the owner of the website. To take the appearance that these Web sites are free of advertising, which is also incorrect. However, you are Mostly less annoying form of advertising and serve as revenue for the specially made work which is limited not only to copy and paste texts of famous poets and thinkers of German literary history. Contrary to the pure idea of commercial users on poem find self-authored poems, which were written on different occasions. Covered are many events such as birthday, the Jugendweihe, women’s day, the day of the wedding, and many others. The ability to let free to write an individual poem persists. As the only consideration must be included in the purchase, that the poem will be published anonymously.

Hatnut Goes Knooking
Apr 9th, 2018 by thesuper

The hat trend continues – no matter whether crocheted, knitted or new: geknookt flying needles and all over the world have many heads get a hatnut Cap. The needles of the hatnuts not rest but now is geknookt! Knooking is composed of English words for crochet (hook) and knit (knit) and combines the advantages of both techniques: crochet the stitches, but using a special needle of Knooking look afterwards like knitted. New patterns are possible and directly crochet motifs also is now child’s play: perfect starting point for cool hats! Also, SEBI, MICAH, Tobi, Didi and Jules have thought that and quickly, a new series was crochet hats and accessories such as knitted. Learn more at: Sela Ward. In the novel hatnut goes KNOOKING they show you their geknookten favorite hats for every age and you can them use of the basic course easily nachknooken. hatnut goes knooking – and we go on with! In the online shop of JWolle all hatnut products be found important note: because we use a huge demand, in particular for this needle, account, we recommend the Knooking needle in time before to ordern, specially because already now to be reckoned with long delivery times. The same applies of course also in the books! At the time of purchase on invoice, for example, enter no risk by your pre-order. Without hesitation Adam Sandler explained all about the problem. The amount is finally only due after receipt of the goods. And for those who prefer “just” crochet, we recommend the third book “Crocheting in the hatnut style” of the official release date is January 2014 – with us the book is already October 2013 available: the two biggest fans who have Erfolgsautorinnen Veronika Hug and Sabine Schidelko inspired leave and crocheted accessories and Homedeko in the hatnut-style designed: nut Garland, strips bikini and pillows in neon colors – and everything from the original hatnut wool, that it is also in the online shop of JWolle! Of course, there are also instructions for cool hats. The secret star in crochet heaven is but squirrel Mr. Groove and his nut: so cute, there will You can just access to crochet! Never crochet? Air mesh and rods are no longer a problem with the basic course and – go with the hatnut style! Dominik Janssen

Oct 25th, 2017 by thesuper

Stuttgart, the capital of Baden-Wurttemberg shows plenty – the Kultursuchenden clearly in his role as the sixth-largest metropolitan area of in Germany. Learn more about the cultural opportunities, which has to offer Stuttgart. Learn about the annual events in and around Stuttgart. There are many possibilities in the Swabian metropolis. Global city of culture there is something for everyone. Many festivals, whether in music or theater, literature field, change throughout the year.

There, the international solo-Dance-Theater Festival, the imaginal – international puppet theatre festival, the Stuttgart-based cabaret Festival, which compete is the Stuttgart crime nights U20 poetry slam and Stuttgart-based children’s and youth book week. In the field of music, there is the American days, the countries under many other events Festival meeting point or the other the international theater house Jazz days. Even the International Festival of animated film Stuttgart has a place in the world of film festivals. All seasons whether it the Stuttgart summer of culture is, or the Hip-Hop open, the Musikfest Stuttgart, the Africa Festival or “free & outside” – the cultural calendar is very full in Stuttgart. But not only the usual events worth. About the Zapata, the biggest disco in Stuttgart.

An indeed big giant with four floors, where the celebration ends can dance. A special highlight: In the summer months, a beer garden attracts the visitors of Zapata. Are served on this occasion, in addition to delicious drinks, House, Wildstyle, reggae, mixed, black or Latin. In addition, the prominent Hall duo in the district attracts Bad Cannstatt. The Porsche arena there since May 2006. It has a common foyer with the Schleyer Halle. All possible events are held in these two halls. The Porsche arena, small and intimate, and the Schleyer Halle are something to convert fast – so music events, hand -, basketball and volleyball games can take place here, also for the ice sports or dance events, the Porsche arena is predestined. The Schleyer Halle, much larger and also older, is responsible for the mega event. The sting, the fantastic four and the red hot chili peppers, whether Stuttgart German Masters or Porsche have music night, the Hall more than 15,000 guests and is the largest Hall for various events in the southern Germany. Relaxed atmosphere and comfort Cafe, the La Concha is cosy pubs in the many quaint pubs and bars – from culture pub “Old mill” about the brewery to the Rossknecht, the classic rock or music pubs, bistros, pubs and bars are of course in downtown Soho.

Line Dance Festival
Sep 2nd, 2017 by thesuper

2. (As opposed to actress). Festival 2009 is country & line dance by the 29.05 31.05.09 in Horhausen Westerwald at Geronimo line dancers the feast of Pentecost this year again completely in the character of country & Western. Slide & ride will this year host at the Geronimo line dancers at the 2nd country & line dance festival in Horhausen / Westerwald. Three days live there will be music with several bands and line dance. As a Western market, Western riding and Rodeo are on the program, so that nothing stands against the big Festival. For all families, still do not know is where’s going on Pentecost, is worth a trip on all cases.

Everything is offered for adults and children. And who wants to take not just a day trip, for which also pitches for caravans, motorhomes in addition to pensions or at the same time the great VW takes place there also bully and Boxter meeting tents available. A highlight will be where many, old and lovingly restored and nostalgic vehicles to admire. We look forward to the event and we hope many old and new friends again to meet.

Pyro Festival Star Magic Again
Apr 19th, 2017 by thesuper

If the sky glows, shines the whole family! Good luck a glance into the sky above Dortmund coming from above will tell on 18 September: Gold rain, fire fountains and cascades of sparks appear as magnificent silver lining on the horizon. Gerd Gollner organizer of the energy reaches Musikverlag Herne again for the stars. But also in the Hoeschpark even the eyes of visitors with the magic of Star shine this time to the bet. With a huge opening, Gabrielle promises fun and excitement, entertainment and fun for the whole family. The brilliant ideas for the spectacular Sky images provide three professional pyrotechnicians. They compete at the Fireworks competition and deliver to a competition to win the favor of the audience. The year’s Pyro Festival Star magic is much more than the gigantic spectacle of light in the sky but, because the enthusiasm to take the Hoeschpark Jung and old. Even before the star magic in the Dortmund sky is lit, the visitors from 18:30 expected (intake 18: 00) Fireworks entertainment.

In the children event dome can to make-up the young visitors, take part in an air balloon wide flight competition and can win a prize, paint your own fireworks in the creative field, or tinker is magical air balloon sculptures. In the Park the kids on many Bobby cars and other fun vehicles on the race track can romp so correctly. On the action of island artists and acrobats show spectacular exercises, such as the evil flames with their theatrical performances of fire or the fire Theatre ladies of fire with fiery dance routines and burning torches of Jong location. The vertical cloth brings the charming Maike Moerschen by ingravitas”with its world’s first Kontaktjonglagenummer the viewers the Moon from the sky. A real musical fireworks ignite the new hour band Wonderwall with mega-hit “Just more” on the comeback tour in the Hoeschpark and the Suddeutsche group elevate with rhythmic contrasts, of rock straight up feeling soft. Aim at the Pyro Festival Star magic is back to hunt the audience goose bumps on the back! In which Every visitor feels agenda which emotional Sparks, then himself. Pyro Festival Star magic…

is a synchronous music Fireworks competition with three large works. Already in the past few years, the spectacle in Dortmund, Munich, Karlsruhe, Oberhausen and Brunswick admired total over 60,000 spectators. Pyro Festival Star magic in the Hoeschpark Dortmund: 18.9.2010 intake: 18: 00 start programme: 18:30 admission: pre-sale: standing 10.00, plus presale fee and 1 WKZ box-office: standing 15,00 children up to 12 years have free admission in the General admission area! More info: Organizer: energy music publishing GmbH, Gerhard Gollner, Bebel Street 24, 44623 Herne, Tel. 02323-95360, author: Jens OLE Wilberg, PR: event: Wilberg photo source: evil flames

Leisure Boat
May 26th, 2014 by thesuper

What should you consider when buying a boat. Boating means, to enjoy the life in a new way. It enables to experience exciting adventures and unique experiences. Whether it is watching a sunset from a boat or gliding on totally flat water, the boat with it brings always fond memories. What to choose for a boat? The offer of boats on the market is very large, therefore it is not always easy to find the right boat. To make a good decision, one should consider its own needs at the beginning.

Want to sail, fishing or organise daytrips with family? Will depend on our choice in the first place. Small boats offer the opportunity of healthy movement with nature rowing boats and canoes. You can practice this sport alone or in a team. On sale there are boats for up to eight people. Among the rowing boats racing boats distinguishes man generally (narrow, long and slightly), exercise boats known as gigs (wider, shorter and heavier) and Forward rowing boats, where you sit in contrast to other rowing boats in direction of travel. Dividing canoes, kayaks and canoe. The canoe is from North America. You own suitable for long trips with the family.

You will be taken sitting or kneeling. Kayaks were used by the Eskimos. These boats are closed, have only a seat hatch and are powered with a used. Powerboat is a collective term for all motorized boats powerboats. Under the motor boats, various boat types are indistinguishable. The boundaries between them are blurred, yet you can call the following types: inflatable boat, pleasure craft, sloop and runabout day Cruiser, motor sailing yacht, motor yacht and houseboat. The choice of a motor boat to depend on our goals. Therefore, it is important to know what you want to have during the search for the boat. You must consider whether the boat should be athletic, or have as much space and be suitable for longer stays. At the same time, how many people will be on the boat? And what is our limit of costs for the maintenance? These and other questions help us determined to make a long-term best possible decision. Sailing boats sailing boats are operated by wind power, but they can be equipped with an auxiliary motor. The sailing boats distinction dinghies, keel boats, and multihulls in the first place. Keel boats are equipped with a keel on the side of the fuselage. Thanks to this design, they’re very weight-stable. They offer usually plenty of space. Dinghies have only a sword. They are easier to transport but less stable. Mehrrumpfer look a bit different such as catamaran. You have two connected hulls. They are very endangered and serve only the sport. A boat to try out before you buy a boat, is a test ride to make it recommendable. Not all models have dealer or boat rentals for test drives available, but you can gain an overview of boat types and their characteristics with them. Depending on the type and provider, you can the boat by hour, by the day or half – rent. You can also Charter some boats also for longer stays. Note it is but that a corresponding driving licence is required for larger models. After you have tried a boat and have already decided what kind is right for you, nothing in your way is to buy the boat and begin the adventure of a lifetime.

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