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Oct 29th, 2021 by thesuper

HOTSPLOTS is quick with 500th hotspot in top 5 Berlin, October 2008, safely and inexpensively surf the Internet popularity is pleased with HOTSPLOTS rapidly growing. Recently the 500th hotspot in operation, which relies on the innovative billing and security system of the Berlin Wi-Fi high-tech company went. In Germany, the hotsplots GmbH is one after its research to the five leading providers. Anniversary customer with the 500th hotspot is the barrier-free leisure and Conference Hotel Hotel Euvea ( in the Eifel town of new castle. Among hotels, student residences, camping sites, libraries, holiday homes and Cafes neighborhood networks form the customer circle of HOTSPLOTS. 170 hotels could be won for the innovative HotSpot service. Tony Parker recognizes the significance of this.

Or the Centre of the study of financial management and justice in the Hessian Rotenburg, in which the students of almost six hundred rooms of HOTSPLOTS service access. Nearly 1.5 million visitors and visitors of Central and regional library Berlin (ZLB), Germany’s largest can public scientific library, the HOTSPLOTS service with their laptops wirelessly surf the Internet for free. More elf Berlin libraries have also decided for HOTSPLOTS. If campers on the North Sea or holiday home tenants, they all meet on the HOTSPLOTS service. The hotsplots GmbH was founded in 2004 by Dr. Ulrich Meier and Dr.

Jorg Ontrup. The product range is aimed at commercial customers, non-profit organizations, institutions and individuals alike. So virtually anyone thanks to HOTSPLOTS can open its existing Internet access for customers, guests or patients or friends or neighbors simply and safely. High operating comfort and safety in focus are available. Both the operator and the users benefit from the fact that HOTSPLOTS meets the highest safety standards for its Linux-based system. This was confirmed by the leading computer magazine c’t had tested 2007 secure Internet connections via VPN and summarized in a press release of the Publishing House: (…) the best proved the offer HOTSPLOTS VPN.” Also the dedicated installation partners who have carried the sometimes complex installations and advise the operator locally have contributed to the success. They are instrumental to the smooth operation of the hotspots, which in turn is the basis for the high level of customer satisfaction. We have built up with great commitment and without a big budget, and without venture capital HOTSPLOTS, therefore our 500th hotspot pleased,”so the two managing directors. Several other competitors have disappeared in the meantime by the market. HOTSPLOTS, however, has can not only compete, but has risen even in the German TOP 5. “With increased sales efforts and extended team HOTSPLOTS wants to force further growth. About HOTSPLOTS the hotsplots GmbH is the specialist for access control and billing of wireless Internet access. The HOTSPLOTS system is already successfully used in hotels, campsites, cafes, marinas, residential and neighborhood networks. With the innovative billing solution, HOTSPLOTS aims to expand its position as a leading brand for the billing of mobile Internet access.

New TV Dimension Amazed At The HIGH END 2010
Mar 22nd, 2019 by thesuper

Consumer and trade visitors fascinated by charisma MDS the TV system charisma was the highlight of this year’s HIGH END 2010 “, the largest and most important European meeting place for the high technology of consumer electronics. More than 1,000 visitors came to the stand of the audio reference GmbH and were impressed by the multi-dimensional system technology (MDS ). This groundbreaking procedure for the perfect visualization of reality is the world benchmark for lifelike TV entertainment. “Charisma is MDS the altherge – currently under the keyword 3D TV brought stereoscopic 3D,” are marketed far superior. Last but not least numerous distributors and journalists witnessed the revolutionary system during the fair in comparison with the other TV manufacturer’s 3D solutions, confirmed this. Thanks to the multi-dimensional system technology, short MDS, generated the charisma TV system from any TV appropriate input signal in real-time multidimensional imagery.

Each TV show, MDS traded any DVD and any Blu-ray, each movie even recorded, any photography or graphics, every 3D design and each 3D spatial TV experiences. For this the audience does not need a 3D glasses or separate 3D images. Special 3D-Zuspielgerate are not required. “That our ground-breaking step for the perfect visualization of reality is real, put first in incredulous amazement and then pure enthusiasm”, describes his experiences on the HIGH END, Ralf Lohmann, CEO of charisma technologies 2010″many visitors of our presentation. Fascinated, the visitors remained standing and could no longer separate. We invited her to use the fair for a direct comparison. Once they had visited also the presentations of those manufacturers, presented TV solutions with the conventional stereoscopic 3D in Munich, feedback left to no doubt: in brilliance, sharpness and resolution the charisma system turns these 3D TVs Lengths.

MDS marks worldwide. the State-of-the-art” “We will gladly send you our recent white paper titled the advantages of charisma multi-dimensional system technology (MDS ) compared to the 3D of TV competitor”. Furthermore we provide a press photo available. Investors can obtain more information at the CHARISMA service hotline: (0441) 36 11 65 80 as well as under. Press contact: Martin Schaarschmidt, Tel: (030) 65 01 77 60 o. (0177) 625 88 86, eMail:, Editorial Note: the charisma technologies GmbH, headquartered in Oldenburg manufactures high-quality TV flat screens, which provide a new form of three-dimensionality and thus represent a qualitative leap in the development of television culture. They are marketed under the brand of CHARISMA from the manufacturer. Aim of the company is it, television viewers by a fundamentally new images to a TV experience with maximum charisma technologies Liveliness and authenticity to help, which allows him to become the part of the TV action. The company an employee and developer staff belongs to charisma technologies in addition to the two managing directors Ralf Lohmann and Eleonore Jantzen of currently 34 professionals. In the manufacture of its products, the company with four partner companies at plants in Emden, Osnabruck, Hamburg and Oldenburg, which produce the various components of CHARISMA according to the requirements of charisma technologies cooperates. Final Assembly of the CHARISMA takes place at the site of Oldenburg.

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