Brasserie Restaurant
Sep 27th, 2019 by thesuper

Increasingly, urban open new restaurants of various kinds. Brasserie restaurant – one of the most common types of restaurants at the moment. It is created by specific parameters and has its own characteristics. There several kinds of beer restaurants: completely stylized and partially stylized. Fully styled brasserie has its roots in Europe. This restaurant is fully consistent with stylistic features of a country. Pastiche is largely under Prague. Germany or the old Alpine expanses.

In a fully styled restaurant menus, kitchen, interior, atmosphere – all consistent with this tradition. Here, emphasis is placed the diversity of the menu. In the menu you'll find light snacks and hot dishes, meet the requirements of the kitchen. Even the most refined gourmets will be amazed by the splendor of skill cooks. In addition to food, completely stylized beer garden has a large selection of drinks. It is mostly presented as a branded beer and live, cooked just before your arrival. This brasserie has its own mini-brewery, which happens manufacture of beer. Typically, these types of restaurants designed to attract and retain loyal customers.

These customers already have a preference in the menu and drinks. In addition to the fully styled pubs restaurants have partially stylized. This beer garden tradition is made under any style. Unlike those of fully stylized restaurants is that the styling is not complete. In the style created by either the interior or the menu. in main menu of the restaurant was full of great diversity. Here you will find mostly cold dishes, which are suitable for drinks. Great emphasis is placed on the beer. Beer in the beer garden is presented in large selection. The main visitors of this restaurant – sports fans who visit it during sports.

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