Aerated Concrete
Jan 6th, 2024 by thesuper

One of the most promising materials for the current moment it becomes concrete cellular structure. Artificially manufactured building material, what is cellular concrete, created by the latest The technology combines mineral-type binder and a component of silica. To ensure proper internal cellular structure of the building material is involved special equipment. Basis binder component of cellular concrete in different cases could be building cement, lime or standard industrial gypsum. With regard to disperse the filler, more often in such works as the sand. According to real-estate developer, who has experience with these questions.

Today the technology of production of aerated concrete quality tested and allows you to create a reliable building material, whose main features, besides reliability and long service life, are also Sound Attenuated significant characteristics, as well as thermal insulation. Dwelling houses, built of aerated concrete, are save heat, so much nicer for homeowners. To date, there are two the form of concrete cellular nature: foam and aerated concrete. Methodology for their creation in some way different: thus, for foam used specific compounds that are referred to as blowing agent. On the other hand, the production of aerated concrete is ensured through the introduction of the aluminum powder. As a result, the active chemical reaction between aluminum powder and an alkaline composition of concrete by product of hydrogen, using which form an unusual porous internal structure of concrete. Since the aerated concrete is involved for a variety of implementation options, it can be divided into different groups by the degree of compaction.

This so-called structural cellular concrete, the average density of which ranges from 900 to 1. 200 kg/m3, more is structurally insulating cellular concrete with a density of 500 to 900 kg/m3 and heat-insulated aerated concrete – up to 500 kg/m3. Gazobeton very first subgroup is activated for the formation of large-scale concrete structures, the next – for all kinds of form over fences, but what do against heat-shielding materials of aerated concrete, they are performing functions more decorative. Today aerated is a very durable material, much of this going around on its own technical characteristics of foam concrete. Not counting the aerated structure easily later can handle a simple plaster. Modern equipment for aerated concrete is a specific mixer for cellular concrete bowl which is filled with a mixture of cells possessing, and along with a device for cutting the main mass into smaller units. Today is just the creation of non-autoclaved aerated concrete is a list of the most profitable attractive areas of construction.

Palax Power
Oct 4th, 2016 by thesuper

Wood splitter Palax Power 100s represents the most productive machine in its class and its price category. How it works in many ways similar to the principle of similar machines. Such an approach is to split firewood used a long time and worked well. The essence of it in the next. The machine is installed at the plant input conveyor. On it fits a log intended for processing into firewood. The log is pressed when by pinch rollers, moves through the pipeline until it stops.

Adjusting the position of the stop may expose the required length of blanks for the split. The length of the workpiece can regulate within 25-60 cm in increments of 5 cm The log goes on pipe, ending at point blank range. After this fall from the top bracket with circular saw. Selected cut workpiece length. It is clear that what follows is a split in the logs. To do this requires that the procurement fell to the cylinder. In This model of the machine the cylinder is not directly under the input conveyor, and a little collection.

During that time, while there took a piece, she kept focused. Further, the emphasis goes a few inches and harvesting rolls of slide-ways. As a result – blank is straight, the operator rarely has to stop work in order to save it. Naturally, this is the better reflected in the performance. Fallen into a trough to split the log is pushed cylinder. Depending on the modification of the machine selects a cylinder that generates force 10 or 16 tons. The choice of a cylinder depends on how dense wood will split loom, as well as from diameter timber. As a rule, used a 10-ton cylinder. It is worth paying attention to the splitting knives. They can be split into 2, 4, 8, 6, 12 parts. Chopped logs are automatically placed on . Which is convenient, conveyor can be rotated. For a more comfortable supply of logs are often used batsmen rack with hydraulic drive. Trestles are made on the same plant as the machine. However, as practice shows, it is workable flyover going to plolschadkah production, are operated Wood splitters. In this makeshift pier cope with their problems.

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