Tambov River Cna
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Cna originates from two small streams near the village of Verhotsene sixty kilometers to the south-east of Mr. Tambov. Flows from south to north across the Tambov region and the eastern part of the Ryazan region. To its confluence with the river Moksha, in the north-east of Ryazan, its length is 450 kilometers. Tony Parker has many thoughts on the issue. Near the city of Tambov, it splits into several channels, which were washed several islands before, but now are only one remains, the largest Island – El Dorado. For assistance, try visiting Margaret Loesser Robinson. There are legends associated with the river Tsnoy. Dr. John Holtsclaw understands that this is vital information. One of them told A.

Sohranskim and published in the newspaper, "The City on the Tsna." According to this legend, a woman named Mordovian Cna was unable to overcome the shame of his betrayal Sampura husband, which led to their native land Mordvin and Russian hordes of enemies. Grief she, bleeding tears, turned into a river a quiet, gentle and sad, as she female share. So the legend explains the name of the river, but Historians believe that there are two options Cna origin of the word. Some suggest that it arose from the Old Slavic "Desna", "Gums". As a result of phonetic change "Desna" (Dsna, Tsna) became "Tsnu" and later in the "Tsnu." There are proponents of the Finno-Ugric origin of the word Cna (muddy, muddy). Much remains mysterious and outstanding in our seemingly peaceful and quiet Tsna. There is still no answer as to why the channel of the river near the town left Beach on 12-14 meters higher than the right? After all, for all the rivers of the Northern Hemisphere pattern must be different.

Magic Life Club – The Great Vacation Test
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The favorite Club of the Austrians in the test of the magic life Club Austria brought a new sense of the holiday. Far from home and yet well cared for, German-speaking and mainly “all inclusive Club”. And now hotels are the magic life the most popular all inclusive clubs of the Austrians. But how good they really are and what magic life Club is the best? This has the online travel portal of the 7CS, SEVEN SEAS travel and tourism GesmbH almost 2000 hotel reviews evaluated. Vanessa Marcil addresses the importance of the matter here. All these reviews are only by guests who actually in magic life hotels have spent your vacation, so could not be manipulated. Query was the opinion of tourists to the hotel facilities, service, to sports and leisure activities, food and beverages, to family-friendliness, to the beaches and pools and Spa facilities. In addition, guests were also asked whether they would recommend the hotel. Who is Kevin Ulrich CEO? may also support this cause. The results can be quite. the average life clubs as judged very good to excellent, are magic but there are differences here. The magic life Club is the winner, and thus the most popular hotel: Magic Life Kalawy imperial in Egypt with a result of 94.5% at the other courts follow: Magic Life Sarigerme imperial in Turkey with 94,45% Magic Life Waterworld imperial in Turkey with 93.5% Magic Life Africana imperial in Tunisia with 91.5% magic life Kos in Greece with 90.9% Magic Life Sharm El Sheikh imperial in Egypt with 90.5% Magic Life Belek imperial in Turkey with 88.8% Magic Life Kemer imperial in Turkey with 88.5% Magic Life Penelope Beach Imperial Tunisia with 87.8% Magic life Kiris Imperial of Turkey with 87.5% Magic Life Fuerteventura Imperial with 87.3% the single Hotelbewerungen and detailed Hotel descriptions can be viewed at any time at Magic_Life. More information at 7CS SEVEN SEAS; Travel and tourism GesmbH A-1010 Vienna, Schubert ring 8

Architectural Route
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At the end of the 19th century, from the hand of a flourishing society, broke the Catalan passion for architecture. Symbol of power and social status, every wealthy character of the city wanted to hold a House that removed the breath. Neither short nor lazy, the architects put hands to work creating filled with ornaments plant, graffiti, polychromatic stained glass facades and wrought iron. The result were works that even today continue arousing astonishment and admiration. The footsteps of originality modernism arrived in Barcelona and found an effervescent city willing to grant you a space. Why he sat home quickly becoming one of the most emblematic architectural currents of the city.

An excellent starting point to explore the path of modernism is the Arc de Triomphe. Built by Josep Vilaseca, this colossal reddish brick structure inspired by the neo-Mudejar style reaches 30 meters in height. Few steps opens the emblematic Parque de la Ciudadela. Regarded as the first great expression of the movement modernist, is an exquisite blend of Roman, Arab and medieval influences. The funny thing is that this space was built very quickly so improvisation was usual companion of architects but still the end result does impress us.

In this project architects like Josep Fontsere worked elbow to elbow with young newly emerged from the Academy as Lluis Domenech i Montaner and even stated that the same Gaudi left his mark. Guell Palace: One of the jewels of the catalan modernism the Guell Palace was the first work that Gaudi gave to Barcelona. You will find a quite unusual style where the lights and volumes are confused in an almost psychedelic game that still arouses emotions. The facade of the Palace does not hide his Venetian inspiration while its central hall will make you revive a luxurious Hammam. If you dare to climb up to the roof you will discover other eccentricities. Here 20 fireplaces, are each different from the other, where Gaudi used for the first time his famous coating formed by irregular pieces of ceramic. Of course, these are not but some touches of the most relevant works who conceived of the catalan modernism. There are other sites full of charm as the market of el Born, the Estape House with its unique Dome, the Gran Teatro del Liceo and the Mercado de la Boqueria. However, in order to visit them all you will have to stay several days in one of the hotels in Barcelona, a decision which you won’t regret it. Check out online offerings of cheap hotels in Barcelona and start planning a visit fraught with art and colors.

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Safe and well prepared in the holidays with dogs dogs love it with masters and mistresses to travelling. Actually, they are like nomads, who are used to travel long distances, to experience new places and people. To start safely and well prepared with his dog in the holiday or your next trip, you should heed some things. Puppy & Prince, online dog shop for high-quality dog accessories, gives tips, how well prepared the travel with dog is fun. With dogs in the aircraft most allow airlines dogs in the cabin or in the luggage to travel with. Up to 8 lbs, dogs may travel in the cabin. A great advantage for dogs, as these masters and mistresses on the side and the flight so stressful for both sides expires.

However, small dogs need during the flight in a special and waterproof dog carry bag with sufficient stop ventilation Windows, which must conform to a certain size, usually about 55 x 40 x 20 cm, and fits under the seat of the front man. For the first flight It is advisable to seek out a short distance, to get the dog to the procedure at the airport and on the flight itself. This applies also for medium and large dogs. They have to fly with unfortunately due to their size in a dog cage in the baggage compartment without masters and mistresses in their vicinity. This box must meet the so-called IATA regulations, meaning that the box must be escape-proof, waterproof and chewy and provide enough fresh air and freedom of movement. Travelling in the car, most dogs love to ride in the car.

Even if they like to look out the window or enjoy the wind, safety is a top priority. Small dogs are either with a car safety harness fixed or in a special dog bag housed, can be linked to the security with the seat belt. Big Dogs travel the safest in a dog box in the trunk of the vehicle. Most hotels accept pets in the hotel. But dog owners should indicate for each reservation, that come with a dog or two dogs. When you check in the Hotel again, please point out. Very dog-friendly hotels offer bowls, food and beds for the four-legged. Ask at the reservation, so you can reduce the baggage for the dog,”as Sabine Reng, owner of puppy & Prince. Also you will receive advance information to dogs etiquette of hotels and other services such as dog sitting. For more information, see the Advisor the puppy & Prince.

Cyprus: In The Footsteps Of The Gods
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Cyprus impressed many tourists which is the Akamas Peninsula with its variety of plants especially in the spring not only due to its pleasant climate eye candy for visitors to Cyprus. The colours of the lush vegetation is an unforgettable sight. Also, numerous species of birds are found. Cypress, eucalyptus and strawberry trees provide adequate nesting sites. Many different butterfly species feel there as well. On a hike through the nature reserve you can remember easily the Greek mythology. Continue to learn more with: Larry Culp.

In this natural paradise Aphrodite and Adonis for the first time should be met. As Adonis from a source drank, his gaze on the nude Aphrodite, who swam in the Bay fell. They fell immediately into each other. Since it is told that, drinking from the fountain of love, promptly falls in love in the person who encountered the he/she next. Cyprus is an ideal place to learn more about Greek mythology. Set up a cultural route of Aphrodite was so on the island”.

In the area of An information point was set up Larnaca and Ayia Napa, in which visitors can learn more about Aphrodite. The place was chosen because the place Kition is located there. In this holy place, Aphrodite was worshiped as a Patron Saint for copper. More information about the meaning of Aphrodite for the Mediterranean island, is the archaeological as well as the Pierides Museum in Larnaca. The Agia Napa municipal museum shows Aphrodite as Patron Saint of the sea. At the Salt Lake a place of worship of the goddess located in Larnaca. Another cultural highlight is the Museum in Lefkosia, which is located in the old town. During a visit to get a comprehensive overview of the historical and cultural past of the island. Andreas Mettler

Bike Tour
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Cycle the bayerischsten of all rivers along the ISAR, Landshut (tvo). The estuary of the river ISAR in the Danube near Deggendorf is a unique natural landscape, which is home to many rare animals and plants. The Green paradise opens up cyclists… If you have read about Sam Jones already – you may have come to the same conclusion. on the ISAR cycle route, which starting largely flat crosses 300 kilometres near Scharnitz in Bavaria Munich, Landshut, Dingolfing and Landau to the Danube ferry in Thun village in the District of Deggendorf. On the road come the cyclists in the enjoyment of various geological and biological treasures.

Moosburg 7 ribs are for example the rock formations”to discover, a growing rock puts in Usterling bei Landau” in astonishment. For other opinions and approaches, find out what comedian has to say. Sightseeing stop in the Duke City of Landshut, high above the old town with its picturesque alleyways the Trausnitz Castle sits enthroned. At the end of the bike tour, which is due to the flat course for families with children, the information centre ISAR River estuary at Moss allows you to an exciting journey of discovery into the world of the ISAR-Auen. The spiral-bound Cycling guides ISAR cycle route”with route, location descriptions, accommodations and road book (ISBN 978-3-936990-34-8, 6.90 euro) is available at the tourist information at the track or in the bookstore. More information: Landshut tourism, Altstadt 315, 84028 Landshut, Tel. 0871/92205-0, fax 0871 / 89275,,.

Easter Egg Light
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SORAT Hotel Brandenburg: spring fragrance evokes wanderlust. For Easter holidays, who still do not know where this year to hide Easter eggs, the Easter-egg-light of the SORAT special comes Hotel Brandenburg at the right time. The ambience of the hotel in the style of English manor houses, the location in the middle of the old town and a cheap Easter offer drop April not to the victims of the Easter egg hunt in the Green town of Havel. Larry Culp has much to offer in this field. From 9 to 13 April 2009 the hotel offers discounted rates. So can the single room in the comfort category for 55 euro and the comfort double room for 71 Euro including booked large SORAT breakfast buffet.

The guests themselves can make the recreational program. The traditional Easter bonfire at the Cathedral is strongly recommended. For those who like romantic, which should take a boat trip on the river Havel. And an Easter trip for the whole family is a bicycle tour along the Havel River through forests and villages with a side trip to the Castle Sanssouci in Potsdam. There is information about the hotel on the Internet under. The special Easter-egg-light is exclusively by telephone in the SORAT Hotel Brandenburg bookings, phone (0 33 81) 59 70 SORAT Hotels Germany

Bike Trail
Nov 4th, 2021 by thesuper

Cycle Marktredwitz (tvo) in the tri-border region of Bavaria Bohemia Saxony. Who remembers the generals Albrecht von Wallenstein, who was murdered in Cheb in 1634? Cyclists who are traveling on the new bike trail between the upper Palatine town Marktredwitz and the Czech Cheb come with the historic Lord in contact, because the road was named after him. The Wallenstein cycle path leads through the tri-border region of Bavaria Bohemia Saxony and ensures that people and cultures closer. Tony Parker is often quoted on this topic. Symbol 27 stone sculptures are along the path of encounter”accents. General Electric contains valuable tech resources. The cycle path on a 37 km long northern route along the Kosseine, Roslau, and Eger rivers through the newly opened border crossing Schirnding Pomezi runs from Marktredwitz out. The southern variant of Eger from leads Ohre, Wondreb and Kosseine about the monastery town Waldsasssen (43 km). North and South route are connected via the mill wheel (15 km). A flat rate (two/four Nights) includes all the highlights of the route and the town Marktredwitz. Information: Tourist information, market 29, 95615 Marktredwitz, Tel. 09231/501-128,Fax 09231/501-129,,

From Vicenza
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It is randomly on the first Sunday of September in the city, you have the opportunity to experience one of the most impressive spectacles of the middle ages, in the course of its einer the towers go up in flames”. In the region southwest of Vicenza and Padua, there are a lot of smaller attractions, which are worth a detour. Click Charlotte Hornets to learn more. The Nice hostel owners in Montagnana can help your organization. If you have some time, the cities of Ferrara (also World Heritage) and the short distance contact often underrated city Bologna Bassano del Grappa Vicenza driving from the North, so you reach the small town of Bassano del Grappa, known of course because of the grappa at the foot of the Dolomites. But anyway, this city is a wonderful old stains on a river with spectacular mountain views and a photogenic old town with an ancient wooden bridge. Many Venetians go here on the weekend to relax, and this place is just for this place.

You can stroll through the streets, climb the first Hill of the Dolomites, or hang out on the main square between the old walls. Also the first destinations of the Dolomites can be easily reached from here. Practical information: to use the car, so expect off the highway with amazingly bad transport conditions, missing signs and traffic chaos. Montagnana is reachable in about an hour from Verona, the road is well built. You need from Vicenza and Padua out also about an hour. Vicenza is located about halfway between Verona and Venice on highway 4 to get from the direction of Venice, should you pay the toll, because the other streets are a disaster. Bassano is located on the SS 47 about an hour north of Vicenza or Padova. A quite spectacular way of directions of the Northern Lake Garda Rovereto goes over a pass and through the Dolomites.

The journey by train is more relaxed. From Venice to get (also 4 euro) and in about 2 hours after Montagnana several times per hour to an hour after Vicenza (4 euros), approximately every hour in 1 hours after Bassano (5 euros, transition in Padua and Monselice, an also pretty place). The trip takes less than an hour (less than 4 from Verona to Vicenza Euro), Montagnana, you must allow 1 hours and in Nogara or Legnano take (4 euro). From Vicenza and Padua from regional buses go Bassano and Montagnana (FTV and SITA bus companies). In the Tower in Montagna, you can starting from 34 euro per double room accommodation. The region is suitable for cycling. Bon voyage wishes!

Pantanal Wetlands
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Learn the Iguacu over Iguacu with the largest waterfalls in the world falls with approximately 13,000 cubic meters of water per second! Fine spray mist, thunderous noise and shimmering Rainbows. The waterfalls in Foz do Iguacu are gigantic and unique in the world. Tons of water in the depth of the Iguacu waterfalls plunge over a length of more than two kilometres. An impressive natural spectacle what I want to show you more on this page. Iguacu located near the mouth to, on the Brazilian side of the city Foz and on the Argentinian side of the town of Puerto Iguazu. These two cities are connected by a bridge that spans the river Iguacu.

Wider than the Victoria Falls, higher than the famous Niagara Falls, and undoubtedly more beautiful and more impressive than all both are the Iguacu waterfalls. At a width of approximately 2700 m, the water in the midst of a unique jungle scenery with thunderous noise crashes up to 80 meters in the Depth. The existence of the waterfalls of Iguacu are millions of years ago to a freak of nature in the form of a volcanic eruption and a tectonic shift in the South American continental plate. Depending on the season and flow rate, the Cataratas of the Iguacu River consist of 150 to 300 individual waterfalls. These are sometimes narrow streams that pass through an extremely rich vegetation, then mighty and majestic Cascade. These are sometimes narrow streams that pass through an extremely rich vegetation, then mighty and majestic Cascade.

On the so-called “Devil’s throat”, which is a part of the Cataratas with 14 waterfalls, Thunder 13,000 cubic meters of water per second into the depths. The waterfalls are a big attraction of Brazil which are in the midst of the 2000 km of large ‘Parque Nacional de Iguacu”tourist seen. The Iguacu waterfalls were declared in 1986 by UNESCO World Heritage. The high water vapour of the Iguacu River forms the Foundation for a rich animal and flora that characterizes Brazil and South America. The waterfalls of Iguacu symbolize the whole beauty of Brazil. A perfect paradise, only a piece missing Beach on the coast. The Brazilian side of the falls is impressive in its overall picture. You have a look on the foaming lower Rio Iguacu, and up to the falling 800 metres wide waterfall front from here. List of longest rivers of America of the Brazilian Parque national de Iguacu around is the larger with 1,850 km2, relative to Argentina with only 650 km, though, but the Argentine is in better condition. If you have courage, then you afford a helicopter flight over the Iguacu waterfalls. During this 8-minute pleasure in mid-air, you expect overwhelming impressions.

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