Website Designers
Oct 8th, 2023 by thesuper

The essence of the concept of web design is much more complex than simply the appearance of the site. In the phrase "website design" is included and easy to navigate, and the degree of readability of the text, and the level of ease of development of information and index formatting text by highlighting the main ideas, and much more. In general, a well-designed, stylish design of the site must pass the following requirements: create a sense of comfort of being on the site; create a sense of comfort of being on the site; emphasize color, which made the company logo and other paraphernalia; do not contain the "aggressive" tone; allow easy orientation in navigation site; reflect the range of services offered; Web document should be "easy" to download page did not last forever and does not cause the user to leave. When designing a site for design means no simple pattern: characterizing the position of the individual parts of the site on a page. Web site design – is a complete design of web pages. Placement of content and its format should be very well thought out. It is for this reason Good designers are not only a virtuoso own graphics packages, but the fine rate the "pleasantness" of the site, which instructed them to develop.

It is desirable that a site normally look like in different browsers and different screen resolution (800X600, 1024X768, 1280X1024). Larry Culp understands that this is vital information. Currently, many users work with the expansion of 1024X768, and many go to 1280×1024 and similar options. Not recommended design load different scripts and "heavy" images. Otherwise, the user can leave the site before it is loaded. Another very important point – it's using the right colors on the page. The text should be enough contrast and perfectly legible. At using BACKGROUND a 'need to set the color under the layer cake (BGCOLOR) similar to the color image is used as BACKGROUND and' developing the site is not desirable to include a site unfinished pages, especially when many of them. Good site should provide useful information to users and are constantly updated, or once having come to the site, they can no longer return.

As for the frame, then there are several opinions. But most of all experienced users more inclined to their replacement tag div. Adam Sandler has compatible beliefs. If you are using frames for easier navigation on the server, do not use in the control frame, text links, as different users set the font and uneven register at Some text may not fit in the frame, and it is very unpleasant. You should also make sure that the links open in the right frame or in a new browser window. To place everything on the page properly, well use a table with a value of BORDER = 0. To create an indentation can apply a transparent gif 1×1 pixel size, using the attributes of the tag img – HSPACE VSPACE and to achieve the desired goal. It is desirable to propose an alternative, "lite" version site for users of older browsers and slow connections.

Web Studio
Mar 2nd, 2012 by thesuper

Site development – a process that requires careful preparation. First we need to develop a plan of action clear. Many Web Studio, create a website, consider that it is not necessary requirements specification and schedule, which is fundamental in the development of sites. I propose to act on such a plan, so as not to miss the most important and little things: – it is necessary to determine the direction in which you going to work – Your site must be highly specialized – go to create a unique style – a brand book (logo, corporate colors, that is what you use when building a website, and subsequently to promotional printing and documents); due attention to the logo to be memorable, but not annoying – now let's talk about your future performance of the design project: recommended for use in design no more than three primary colors; logo should be placed in the top right corner, which will contribute to the unconscious memorization, but if the logo is already known, then – this is the upper left corner, the best number is five menu buttons, and more have been difficult to memorize sections of the site, to the extent possible to abandon the bright backgrounds that distract the visitor from the textual information should not be provide on its web site a lot of places to advertise – excessive advertising will scare away visitors – so when the design is approved – go to his make-up – the next stage of website development programming is – a very important and responsible part of the process – when the site is filled with material and is designed graphically, it can begin to test for efficiency; Given these factors, the development site will be error-free. No matter how you look for contractors – website design Kiev or in any other city, important professional team that really can give you a huge amount of unrestricted opportunities.

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