Tanya Sell
June 11th, 2011 by thesuper

” Instead of using multi-level sales – to try to sell the product directly. This method is suitable for people who love to run the client. 2.Do not know their target audience. Trying to sell your product to all, indiscriminately. What is segmentation? What are you talking about? Uncle Valera also sells his pies and a woman Tanya and runs in the fifth entrance to it, and Mom Tolik not pass by – and then I get sell! 3.Ispolzovat one source of advertising is generally ineffective.

And what is it? We are just fine. We have a 1 in 100 people buy it. And the fact that the rest can be converted into customers – we do not know. And do not want to know. We are here now increased 6 times the advertising budget – and customers will be more. 4.Dempingovat prices. Deliberately reduce the price of the product to increase sales.

Operate at a loss – not an option, and did not last long. It employs a chip: the higher price – the more adequate the client. 5. competitors. Yes, here they are terrible! And they have more money! And a good car. And the service better And then And lo And more You do not even realize that in actual fact they are afraid of you than you them.

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