The Acoustic
November 4th, 2021 by thesuper

The acoustic stimulus in connection with Feed coined the reaction salivation therefore so strong, that the sole Bell sound already led to the flow of saliva. In the course of the trial, the chime again waived Pavlow. After some time, the salivary flow was measured again after the sole hearing of the Bell. There was no flow of saliva. The link was no longer active. However, it was enough, two or three times to repeat the combination, lining plus Bell = the old reaction, exclusive acoustic signal, again to activate salivary flow.

This clearly shows that existing habits are not completely clear and can be reactivated within a very short time. What does this with your feeling of hunger, at certain times, to do? Now, whenever it is your usual lunch time for example, you will develop a feeling of hunger regardless of your actual energy needs. Then the habit is to eat always a certain amount of (full disc), you will increase inevitably. How can you do this Drop habits? Regards the usual meals, this is certainly not always possible. Especially if you are in the professional life and has set breaks. This should prevent but you not to ignore their feeling of hunger and to go for a walk instead. Notice that the feeling of hunger disappears already after a short time.

You can remove an existing energy hunger by eating a small amount. It is necessary, however, as slowly and with pleasure to eat this small amount. Essentially, the same is true in the private sector. However you could also begin, to vary the fixed meal times. That is, no longer accurately to eat 12:30, but perhaps even at 12 o’clock, the other time at 13: 00. Notice here, that you will automatically eat less. At noon, because you have still no feeling of hunger and at 13: 00, because your feeling of hunger has largely disappeared. Conclusion: Generate fixed meal times due to the habit of a feeling of hunger, regardless of the possibly existing energy deficiency. Who want to lose weight, should as far as possible abolish fixed meal times.

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