The Complaint
March 1st, 2013 by thesuper

Babies of these mothers are exposed to hormones of stress, toxins, and poor nutrition in the interior of the womb, by poor nutrition and emotional state of the mother. The mistreatment of women during pregnancy cause more birth defects than diseases for which children are immunized. Abuse during pregnancy increases the risk of the baby being born with low weight, prematurely, or die… Violence already installed, in your partner and with ongoing pregnancy you must find external and professional help (therapeutic care, social services, and so on). Report and free Audios. First steps to overcome the emotional violence in couples. Click here. We also wonder why many women suffer this violence staying next to the aggressor. This situation can be attributed to various reasons (and these are compelling reasons, important and often paralyze to battered women): 1. economic (monetary dependence of husband) 2. social (the opinion of others, which will tell the relatives, neighbors, friends, etc.) 3 family (maybe to protect other children of this couple) 4. physical (exhaustion felt by) suffer so much stress for violence and even more so in the women who also work as in the case of the example above) 5. psicologicas(la baja autoestima, la verguenza, el miedo, la resistencia a reconocer el fracaso de la relacion, la dependencia emocional, etcetera) 6. the futuro(precariedad economica, falta de apoyo familiar y social, problemas de vivienda, porvenir incierto de los hijos, etcetera) fear is for all this that many women, even pregnant women, remain for a long time in a situation of abuse, and the complaint or the request for aid to welfare services coincide with a critical moment in the family (e.g., separation or extension of violence to children)What happens in almost 50% of cases). For all this, I again repeat that you must begin treatments to eradicate the emotional violence in your partner from the beginning, this is the way to take in the matter and avoid that it grow and transform in physical violence, and have for example that live sad pregnancies, with fear and risk for the baby and it. Begins to assess yourself, you are worth much as a woman, as a person, you can exit the violence, do not be afraid!, you regain your self-esteem and leave the State of violence in your life. Seek help professional, judicial, which OS, and meanwhile you don’t have pity. Not you heches guilt for things you did or you didn’t, nor let that other person come to accuse you or bring you memories of errors or failures. Your can change your life! Don’t only carry negative feelings. Gritate yourself enough! It ignores the negative thoughts, you identify thoughts that limit you.

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