The international presence in Spain and U.S. investment through Afghanistan.
January 13th, 2010 by thesuper

In the meetings held in recent days between President Zapatero and Obama have been completed several issues: 1. Spain’s largest military presence in Afghanistan. In the words of the Minister of Defense, we will not let back now that the Taliban regain control there. 2.A negotiation based on mutual investments in both countries, so that the U.S. invests more in Spain and the U.S. do in Spain. But when The words of President Zapatero, when the crisis ends in Spain. The idea is that when we are no longer in crisis, meaning that there are guarantees and legal security for investors, we consider the U.S. as an investor country. Which brings us to the following conclusion: The President Zapatero has already been installed in the optimism of the good times, you see the end of the crisis and beyond, ie substantial advertising revenue for Spain when it’s over. ” How Through bilateral negotiations.The truth and the truth is that when it comes time to close the agreements and Spain have sent extra troops to the public expense to Afghanistan, being as we are in crisis. Why Because now is the time to do nothing new, nor Alliance of Civilizations, or mood, or sit when you pass the flag of the country now entertains. The why is very complicated and only knows the Prime Minister is optimistic that this new military and economic alliance, the problem is that meanwhile the promises come nearly five million Spanish people will be unemployed for the remainder of 2009 and throughout 2010. Spanish families who are stranded in Spain have their own private war, harder than Afghanistan and any other. For them there is nothing planned, if they can withstand. Afghanistan not Iraq better, or is more humane and kinder to terrorism.It is the American war economy that aims to save at the expense of the military presence in countries that help, stop being hegemonic but instead they all help, is the Obama philosophy. These agreements supported by predictions forget the moment on the cross and remind us that there is no solution for the world peace that passes by the war. Settled this fundamental premise is that no longer deceiving because what we have is more of the same, with more talent now say, of course. The opposition of the PP and not there to rule on these issues, is too busy with the case G rtel and company. Read more .. .

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