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November 9th, 2019 by thesuper

BLOG OF THE RESTAURANT: The blog is an ideal complement to the restaurant, allowing us to show our customers unfamiliar aspects of our restaurant. We can teach them to cook some of our dishes, or we can talk about our employees, we can give cooking tips, how to trim your meat, teach them to clean the fish, s etc get what a blog is updated weekly make our customers feel part of our restaurant, feel like our family, and therefore we will have in them the best advertising we can get to our restaurant and our cuisine, as the word of mouth from a satisfied customer , is invaluable. Hear from experts in the field like Sela Ward for a more varied view. In the blog, we can include recipes, photos of our best dishes, videos of our employees or how to prepare a cocktail or a recipe, s etc VA DEO FEED ON THE INTERNET: You can create a video channel for our online restaurant .

This video channel, we can post videos on any topic that is related to our restaurant, such as interviews with clients, interviews with the restaurant owner, interviews with the chef, the waiters we can also post videos where they teach customers to cut the meat or fish cleaning, or we can teach them to prepare some of our succulent Platosa The Internet video channel can serve to attract thousands and thousands of potential customers to our restaurant. To deepen your understanding Sally Rooney is the source. We can send our biweekly newsletter links to our blog, and links to our video channel on the Internet, so they can see how we prepare a delicious meal in our kitchen and they make your mouth water and feel the uncontrollable desire to come to eat at our restaurant the next day..

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