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January 7th, 2015 by thesuper

7 Want to obtain benefits without having done anything: we want that everything we provide magically without doing anything to get it. We don’t want to do anything, we don’t want to do anything, we want that everything be us of in our hands without enjoying the process to reach the goal, for example movies, the most exciting is not the end, but the history that you are counted, the end can be repeated in many stories and they lived happily for always 8. Do not have adequate knowledge: we always want to be perfectionists, and we always want to investigate new things, however feel that it is not enough to start doing something. 9. People are not persistent: with this sentence I tell you everything if something is not it serves is pulled into the trash or simply broken. I have observed this behavior in many people. When something doesn’t work as we hope the first thing we do is angering us bothering us, we have that feeling of guilt and frustration, and ended up pulling our idea to the trash. In place of review which was learning that we had that experience.

10. Do not we become what they really want us to be. 11 Excuses: Any pretext that we find will be real if we started to validate and I stay with this last point. One thing life has taught me is to not do something you don’t want, always do we find the reasons and excuses for not doing so. In the measure in which to spend time those pretexts are becoming reality and we can always find reasons to kill our ideas. And begin to emerge excuses such as: I have No time, I’m afraid of what will happen, I’m not afraid of failing, do not have the resources to make my idea a reality, my fears I dominate and therefore I can not do anything, I’d rather distract me to forget the bad time I had, or your had the blame for everything do you realize of what? does that tell you?

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