The ticket free health care
November 12th, 2009 by thesuper

Gradaschi Natalia Councilwoman Civic Coalition bloc ‘ARI presented a draft ordinance for the creation of ticket free health care. the best insurance plan can be found with Inc. has cost-effective health plan solutions The ticket will cover the sections needed to ensure the provision of health services from the residence of the recipient to institutions like hospitals and public health. Councilwoman Gradaschi declare: ‘The forum in defense of health and the environment of Lanus, has raised the problematic for some time, we believe it is time to become aware and get to work accordingly’ ‘It is a fact that today there are tickets special, such as school and for people with disabilities, but that’s not enough. The enactment of this ordinance involves thinking the Municipal State as guarantor of social rights and it would be taking an important step on the right to health of citizens, who often discontinued their treatments or not attend preventive controls have not money to get to hospital ‘she says. The certificate will be issued by the health professional and lay down the amount of travel that the carrier must give the beneficiary.

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