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October 12th, 2021 by thesuper

More and more people also suffer from stress and burnout due to their unhealthy Way of life. There is an urgent need for action. Lecture 4 Finally deals with the consequences of a wrong and unhealthy diet. Josef wood Hay Riedel speaks of the deadly Quartet”from diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity and vascular deposits. In recent months, Sela Ward has been very successful. These symptoms are unfortunately very common in the population. The only way to do something about it, is about knowledge and to adapt his lifestyle. How one learns in the lectures.

Officer Josef wood Hay Riedel is the owner of St. George pharmacy in Poing. Already in second generation he deploys his expertise and his diverse experience in the pharmaceutical and sporting area for the benefit of its customers. He sees itself as an intermediary between doctor, patient and drug therapy. His special focus is on the prophylaxis (prevention). Its competencies include also aroma therapy, phyto and orthomolecular medicine. Josef wood Hay Riedel beteut since 30 years Olympic participants, managers as well as stressed mothers and children with stress at school, nutrition and health issues.

Registration at the Baumann therapy & Training Center is asking for in the Studio Poing 08121 / 971923 or in the Studio Forstinning under 08121 / 1060th venue is the Studio Poing in Birch Ahornallee 1. The talks Tuesday held every 1st of the month, should be this a holiday, each lecture will take place on next Tuesday. The beginning is always 19.30, duration one hour. Baumann for more information also see about therapy & Training Center the curative and training centre Baumann specialist around the musculoskeletal system in the East of Munich is 40 years. The holistic concept of preventive and rehabilitative measures (physiotherapy) ranges up to modern, chip card-driven fitness training. Franz Baumann on the 2.5.1969 opened his practice for massage and Med. Baths in Poing. This was the first practice of its kind between Munich and Erding. Then he was medical FC Bayern doctor Dr. Chuck Bauer worked, where he among other things Franz Beckenbauer, Gerd Muller and many more Bayern players and several actor and pop singer, as Eric treated ODE, Rex Gildo, etc., as well as athletes from many different sports, and gained more experience. During this time he represented the masseur from TSV 1860 Munich, Hans also often Monday, at several away games. These experiences and treatment techniques with top athletes Falcon came his future patients and injured athletes, such as for example the football players of the FC Markt Schwaben to good, whose care he took over several years. Since May 2008, the therapy & Training Centre in Poing is headed by his son Ralf Baumann, which continues the business with the same passion.

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