Why Monterrey 2014 ‘
September 17th, 2009 by thesuper

– Because it is a project for teens, created and managed by young, that seeks to preserve the Olympic values and make them our own, for society to Monterrey to identify with them and practice in your daily life . – Because it’s the perfect opportunity for young Mexicans are able to demonstrate how to bring the world his message, through the great sports festival. – Because Monterrey is one of the most cosmopolitan cities and the most competitive of the Mexican Republic and this list to host an event of this magnitude. – Because it represents a benefit to all its inhabitants, is not any risk or prevent the conduct of future sporting or cultural events in the city, but on the contrary, it serves more as an experience to the curriculum of the city. – Because since 1968, Mexico has not hosted another Olympics, and now has all the conditions for holding it. – Because we are a people Monterrey worker, cheerful, friendly and sincere that is ready to welcome our brothers from all over the world inviting them to the great celebration of the ‘royal joy’. – Because Monterrey has the necessary infrastructure to host the Youth Olympic Games, as well as with travel services, media and offers a wonderful natural setting and urban development of the event. “Because the first edition of the Youth Olympic Games will take place in the East (Singapore) and the turn of a western country. – The Olympic Movement has granted only two venues to speaking countries: first Mexico 1968, and the final in Barcelona 1992, and the recent creation of the Youth Olympic Games, Mexico has never requested. – Because Monterrey has hosted various events, competitions and forums of international magnitude, and all of them has been acknowledged for his excellent organization and its warmth to receive them.

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