Workers And Painters
September 21st, 2021 by thesuper

Succeeding in tank paint composition and rinsing hoses and spray paint the walls. Walls are painted two workers. One worker was standing on a stepladder, stain the top of the wall. In order not to splash color composition is painted ceiling, the upper portion of the wall paint, using the outlet line. Portfolio held in the left hand with a slope of itself, pressing it to the seam. The second worker, standing on the floor, stain the bottom of the wall. When painting the wall at the door and window-slope line set at an angle of repose, closing it. Window frames are painted by hand Fig. Charlotte Hornets usually is spot on.

73. Spray gun position when painting walls and ceilings: When mechanized painting door panels first stain-vayut internal profiled elements binding (beaded), and then the rest of door surface. The doors to the local junction box to the paint, covering the slope outlet line. To protect the surface of the wall from splashes oil paint used outlet hinged bar that put on the plat. Below the hinge-term line of door paint, using outlet line. Okra Siv one half of the door hinge line outweighed by second ruyu side and graduate painting. Before painting the radiator section of the wall behind him cover with cardboard or heavy paper.

Initially painted the inside of the radiator between the sections, and then the outer part of it. Convenient Oak rashivat radiators before installing them in place. paint surfaces beskistevoy color paint is applied on a preliminarily prepared surface of the rollers.

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