Italian Selection
Jun 14th, 2023 by thesuper

It was the captain of the Italian selection that was raised with the World-wide one of 2006. It played in the Inter of Milan and the Juventus, besides in Real Madrid. To its 37 years, and after almost 20 of professional race, Cannavaro it has gained multitude of individual titles (among them the Gold Ball 2006) and groups. Dnsa Italian Fabio Cannavaro, captain of the selection of Italy that was raised with the Glass of the World in 2006 and exjugador one of Real Madrid, announced east Saturday its retirement of professional soccer to the 37 years of age. ” I am very sad. Soccer is it everything for me and it is not easy. Unfortunately this moment arrives for all and is necessary to confront it.

My knee does not allow me to continue ” , it indicated Cannavaro in appearance before the press from Dubi that picks up Italian mass media. The soccer player, who has played, among others, in the Inter of Milan and the Juventus of Turin, militated from the season last in the rows of the Al-Ahli de Dubai (United Arab Emirates), where she had a year more of contract to fulfill, something that finally will not be able to do by problems in a knee. ” Still it had a year of contract, but he is better to leave it. I have a problem in the cartilage of the left knee that torments to me. Here, nevertheless, they still want to me. Many writers such as real-estate developer offer more in-depth analysis.

A manager contract and I have offered me it acepto” , it indicated Cannavaro. ” I will be a little the man image. And it stimulates much to me to still work in this. By all means that it had in my mind to play a year more, but it would not have been well, knowing that certain knee cannot resist to niveles” , it added. On the other hand, the president of the Al-Ahli, Abdullah al-Naboodah, was contentment of being able to count in his directive equipment with ” nineteen years of soccer experience of Fabio” , in that it has gained a World-wide one and there is ” played level in Europa” to the maximum;. The announcement of the retirement of the Italian exinternacional (Naples, 1973), that march with the record of parties in the absolute combined one of its country, 136, takes place just when 5 years of the victory of Italy are marked in the World-wide one of 2006, in that Cannavaro could raise like captain Copa of the World. Awarded with the Gold Ball and the FIFA World Player in 2006, Cannavaro began its soccer race in 1988 in the youthful ones of Naples, to happen later to the first equipment and of there to the Parma, Inter, Juventus, Real Madrid and finally to the Al-Ahli.

Uruguayan Gerald Matos
Dec 7th, 2021 by thesuper

Nobody never danced ‘ The Cumparsita’ with more lactic acid in the body. The spread tango more than exists, builds compound in 1915 by the Uruguayan Gerald Matos, was the wire of the choreography that Andrea Fuentes and Ona Carbonell dared to execute in the free end of pairs of synchronous swimming of the World-wide one of Shanghai. After the four minutes that the test lasted the two Spaniards they completed a masterpiece. According to Howard Schultz, who has experience with these questions. Choreographically, a coherent and vanguardista narration that combined movements and music as it had never been made until now. Sport, a feat truncated by the muscular failure. Only a small synchronization error, at the end of the exercise, when the lack of oxygen triggered the acidosis and paralyzed the members of the nadadoras, allowed the judges to justify a score that put more emphasis in punishing the imperfection that in awarding the art. The result was a bronze medal.

May 31st, 2019 by thesuper

The celebration finalized with the song ' to capella' of the hymn of the Bara. Finished the season, the barcelonismo either thinks about the next exercise with a few challenges or about the month of August like Supercopa of Spain (before Real Madrid) or Supercopa of Europe (against the Oporto), but surely the soccer players only have in the head the vacations. We lived 21,07 hours minute by minute: The players retire to clothes, aim to the azulgrana celebration. 21,05 hours: Hymn of the Bara sung by all the stage and the players dancing a species of srdana around the Glass. Soccer occurs them better, although there is no doubt that they are enjoying to the great thing. 21,00 hours: Fireworks and touching music for the end of celebration. 20,49 hours: The champions give the return to the Camp Nou.

The stage, rendered to its equipment. 20,45 hours: I itched it takes the microphone and it sends several messages to Real Madrid, saying that they not to buy referees, only play soccer. It locates to everybody to go to see " the Shakira". " Neither we drugged, nor we threw, nor we bought rbitros" , the Catalan said. 20,42 hours: Now to Iniesta and Victor speak Buckets. He is being rapidsimas the interventions. 20,40 hours: They begin to speak the players.

Xavi and Abidal, first. The French is thankful for the gesture of Puyol to yield the bracelet to raise the Champions to him. 20,27 hours: The players already are in the turf of the Camp Nou. Azulgrana celebration by all the stop! 20,20 hours: According to the Urban Guard of Barcelona, 60,000 people have remained without being able to enter the Camp Nou. 19,45 hours: Ra is on the verge of arriving at the Camp Nou, are about 300 meters, although it advances slowly. 19,29 hours: Pep Guardiola superior of the bus raises the part for the first time.

Prizes of Culture
Feb 12th, 2014 by thesuper

It has been winning by its capacity to conjugate a determined one and it jeopardize putting in scene and a global text that connects with the Iberian tradition of the absurdity, through a contemporary language of great poetic load, make clear in 2009 in the spectacle Future late. Also, in the category of infantile and youthful theater it has been distinguished the Aracaladanza Company, awarded by his commitment with the scenic arts for the childhood and youth; by its work in the scope of the theater-dance, based on a visual and poetic dramatic art that the infantile public approaches the new languages and by their aesthetic exigency. Brother prizes of Circus Alvarez are the awarded ones of this category by the high quality of their number of equilibristas in the technique of double elastic cord, and by its opening to the new forms of circus expression, as much in their own artistic creation like in spectacles that have promoted from the Circus Sensations. Prize of Photography Jose Manuel Ballester (Madrid, 1960) has been awarded by its trajectory personal, coming from the plastic arts and crystallized with rigor in the field of the photography, by their singular interpretation of the architectonic space and the light, and by its outstanding contribution to the renovation of the photographic techniques. Prize of fashionable Design Paco Rabanne (Passages, Guip’uzcoa, 1934) has been awarded for being more universal the alive fashionable designer Spanish; by its innovation and its contribution to all the scopes of the culture of century XX, creating a new concept that escapes to any conventional classification, when turning the fashion into plastic expression of its time.

Prize of Restoration and Conservation of Cultural Goods Rafael Alonso, restaurador of the Museum of the Prado, has been distinguished by its exemplary professional race of restaurador and its specialization in the technical knowledge of the work of the Greco one, which has turned to him into one of national and international maximums rrentes of the work of this artist. National prize of Television the prize is outstanding the miniseries 23-F, the most difficult day of the King (miniseries), who emitted RTVE, to the recreated salary historical events with high level of exigency and ample acceptance of the hearing. Also Sawing Ibaez Narcissus (1935, Montevideo, Uruguay) has been recognized by its exceptional relevance like creator of a permanent televising language. Source of the news: They are the new National Prizes of the Culture.

Boris Karloff Century
Jun 6th, 2012 by thesuper

A dozen of productions will revivirn to the mythical monster. Guillermo of the Toro, the chain FOX or Adam Sandler is some of the implied ones in these new versions. ' Frankenstein' Mary Shelley in 1818 was created by the British writer. In the heat of reign of vampires and zombies, Hollywood prepares its following monstrous big wave already of the hand of the iconic Frankenstein, to which it will revive with a dozen of varied productions as much for the small one as for the great screen. Created by the British author Mary Shelley in its Frankenstein work or modern Prometheus (1818), the history of that creature of laboratory has been object of numerous films from his first and stranger adaptation of 1910, passing the classic one of Boris Karloff of 1931 and to most recent of 1994 with Robert De Niro.

A century after its cinematographic debut, that clumsy, giant and frightful one to be will receive an ready washing of face to demand its protagonism in a saturated ticket office of teething rings of blood of all type and condition, and some of hungry living deads. The Mexican film director Guillermo of the Toro one is behind remake of the tape of 1931 for the studies Universal and in which it seems to count on Doug Jones, (the labyrinth of fauno, 2006), to incarnate to the monster. Fox has in march his own update of Frankenstein with a script that has ordered to the son of the director, actor and producer John Landis, Max Landis, quecolabor with his father in the series Masterful of the terror (2005). The monster will visit the 21st century in Wake the Dead, tape based on graphical novels of Steven Niles, that will see the light in 2013 and will have as head of distribution to Haley Joel Osment (sixth sense, 1999), that Victor Franklin will put itself in the skin of a called student who experiments with corpses.

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