Ave Maria
November 1st, 2018 by thesuper

And the AMIGOS are thousand percent behind each individual title. Know as their fans behind them. “You are one unit, they are a power.” Who wants to experience the AMIGOS in the coming weeks and months live on tour, can affect the already one numerous concerts are happy. In the new stage program, the AMIGOS will present “until the end of time” also the title of the current CD production. Only when rain and sunshine meet, a rainbow graced the sky.

Legends are told to the play of colours, that excites people since time immemorial. Even a treasure to be buried at the foot of the Rainbow, it says. Found he was never broken up but, to make their fortune, are many. The AMIGOS found their way of life with the music. And while their companions never forget or even lost sight of. Especially children are at the heart of the AMIGOS. The fathers actively involved as an Ambassador of the initiative “White ring”. With “Ave Maria” are you calling “to look closely and not resorting to violence and abuse to turn a blind eye”when a child is no longer laughing like a child.

The children are the highest good!” The AMIGOS maintain the tradition and know from personal experience: only who follows his dreams, is on his way of life, “vergluhn Star” and is then “small bank” where you can snap sometimes with “Tears in my eyes”. Despite some “love fire” an AMIGO believes in “The greatest happiness”. He never loses his target sight: “time and again I get up”, “My little paradise” to detect and to find comfort with the music and in the community. “My little paradise”, this is home, the family and friends of AMIGOS. Love is a constant companion in ups and downs. And “Only a ring” sealed the Covenant for life: “He loves only you”. Because “You are my great love” for the AMIGO, if he even missed his heart. True friends know that always sunshine after rain. Life is colourful like the Rainbow and the life stories of his viewers are as varied as the colors. 2012 is a summer suit the taste of the AMIGOS fans. Because the present AMIGOS album take “until the end of time” – and this is just the beginning. “Because the end is still far, far ahead of us and is not long achieved,”promises the two thoroughbred musicians.

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