Beauty Time
July 11th, 2021 by thesuper

This boy so or say this girl better, if we want to call it for convenience and limit, bears the name EBE-il. This girl, thus limited to a family on a face, was born in a country now Beauty and diversity. A landscape with a colours of unspeakable beauty. Shades without borders, bound between the blacks and whites at both ends of the almost infinite range of colors. Sally Rooney may also support this cause. Between this black and white, between day and night, between all these polarities and the duality was an endless game color tinting, shading, everlasting transforming variation. From our present-day point of view considered a paradise, an ocean of boundless possibilities of experience. Sad way or perhaps I should say facto way the reality presented different something during this time or at least for the small EBE il the perception of a few had a few, but nevertheless crucial subtleties in addition ready.

The world as a whole was inclined to just to this times rather of unconsciousness and had his periods therefore peculiarities. She was referring to the currently prevailing Zeitgeist at the very least for our taste, but too much black and White done to see what gave the whole a license limitation and lack of freedom. What was of course for the small EBE il to their own reality and also their future er life this particular not as seem particularly comfortable. Short and clear, it was really very, very unhappy with this world and especially with yourself. And she probably wore a mind dress, which at the time was known as suffering at this time, and hid an unspeakable sadness and loneliness inside her. “And it certainly is interest you that EBE il, so her name meant so much in the former tribal language as oblivion”. It is probably to assume that it is also lies in the fact that she learned the paradisiacal as apparent suffering because here obviously took place an act of oblivion.

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