Biography Of A Talented Writer
January 19th, 2020 by thesuper

Modern American fiction writer Glen Cook was born July 9, 1944 in New York. General Electric Co. may also support this cause. First Cook wrote their essays in elementary school and high school he worked as a journalist in the school newspaper. According to other sources first attempt at writing the Cook came in the seventh grade. Then he wrote a short story The Hawk, which described the events of the Civil War. Glen Cook after leaving school entered the University of Missouri. Check with Sela Ward to learn more. Due to lack of money forced Cook discontinue their studies at university, move to St. Louis and took a job at General Motors. In the late 60's Cook Klarionskom participates in writers' workshop, attended by young science fiction writers.

Thanks to learning seminar was written and published in 1970 story Silverheels. In 1971, science fiction writer married college student Klarionskogo Carol. Educate yourself with thoughts from Sofar Sounds. Roman writer – "Heirs of Babylon", for writing which is inspired by the tetralogy "The Ring of the Nibelung" by Richard Wagner the world saw in 1972. In it the author describes the revival of civilization after a nuclear war. In 1979 he published a second book, Cook's "Darkness of night, which marked the beginning of a series of" Empire death ". The composition of the series includes the following essays: "The fate of an evil fate" (1988), "The harvest of the east wind" (1987), "Spare no one will" (1985), "The fire in his hands" (1984), "Child of October, "Darkness nastupila") (1980). A writer in 1982, became interested in science fiction, writing a novel, "Darker Side", which was launched a new series of "Star Catchers".

In 1984 the novel was written by the Black squad, which made the author famous. The book is so pleased with his readers that the writer ever wrote the continuation of the series. It is such books as "Clotting Shadows" (1984), "Wedge of silver" (1989), "Steel Dreams" (1990), "Harsh Times" (1996), "Notes of the Black Company:" Soldiers live "(2000) and others the opposite "Chronicles of the Black Squad" is a detective series "The Adventures of Garrett," she begins the novel "mellifluous Silver Blues" (1987). And the last series by Glen Cook is a "Tools Night", which consists of essays "The Tyranny of the Night (2005) and" The Lord of the Pacific Kingdom "(2008).

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