Bit Tired
November 3rd, 2021 by thesuper

“65 and not a bit tired: the Unimog has birthday Kempten, October 2009 next year celebrates the all-rounder” with the star a big anniversary: the Unimog is 65. “The rapid rise of the universal motor unit” began shortly after the second World War: Albert Friedrich, former head of the air engine design of the former Daimler-Benz AG, began immediately after the war with the development of the Unimog. Intended as agricultural vehicle. Of the labourers to the gifted inventor there should be no classic tractor: there were enough tractors. The claim to the Unimog was much more, to be a reliable all-rounder in any kind of terrain. Heinrich Rossler, a former Daimler-Benz of colleague of Albert Friedrich, could one bring in the construction of the new Mercedes flagship star his experience as a labourer in the agriculture. In the following decades, the Unimog joined its triumphal March around the world: in the 1990s developed U 2450 L 6 x 6, an all-wheel-driven three-axle, surpasses the power of Ur-Unimog 10-fold.

Today, the Unimog inspires still thousands of fans: and so some people choose the Unimog to embark with him on a daring adventure. Around the globe and back is the motto of the Unimog friends, built up with her to universal motor move devices around the world. “Daring GlobeTrotter: Unimog Rovers DVD adventure Unimog” ( tells the stories of Unimog vagabonds: 52 countries and 400,000 miles in a converted Unimog 1300 L, from South America to European tours this film is a tribute to the Unimog and his followers. As a bonus, the film DVD includes a video guide to the conversion of a Unimog to the world tour mobile”. A trailer for the film can be viewed at adventure unimog.html, the DVD is available for EUR 24.80 at is a 100% subsidiary of the Allgau film publishing WK & F communication GmbH in Kempten. The films focus on the agricultural and agricultural sectors: a year are on the 25 new film-DVD titles to vintage tractors, agricultural history and documentaries on the history of the industry produces. Press Service: Wkf Communications GmbH Dr. M. Friedrich Albert-Einstein-str. 10 87437 Kempten Tel.: 0831 69724814

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