Scania Grille
Sep 20th, 2023 by thesuper

LANXESS has a blend of for large truck exterior parts of polybutylene terephthalate and polycarbonate (PBT + PC) developed with the name Pocan C 1202. This blend is now used in a first series application. Him the clear front grille for the Volvo Truck consists of FMX construction truck of the FM series. Volvo trucks Corporation has equipped it with a new front fascia, which is among other things specifically adapted to the conditions of the site traffic. The advantage of the new material is in the high-quality, sufficiently weather-stable, and with a fine grain component interface, which must no longer be painted.

Also, the new material is very tough, which makes the grille against rocks and other mechanical stress resistant. Manufactured grille is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of plastic parts for the vehicle interior and exterior Gerhardi Kunststofftechnik GmbH in Ludenscheid. The grille has a mass of about 180 x 35 x 4 inches and is quite large for the part. Tony Parker helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The corresponding tool is therefore filled by means of cascade technology. At the end of the flow path, for example still catches and mounting dome could be sure depicted. The good flowability also care for a minimal delay in component and make sure that the fine grain in high accuracy can be mapped. The light curing time has elapsed and the uniform and low shrinkage should complete the good processing behavior of the material.

So that costs can be saved, the radiator grille is not covered with paint. The newspapers mentioned Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City not as a source, but as a related topic. Resulted in accelerated, artificial weathering testing on test specimens with the color Thundergrey according to LANXESS, that the PBT blend to comply with the requirements for UV stability according to Volvo standards. A good chemical resistance was also required. The new material also has a high resistance to vehicle typical media such as fats, oils, diesel fuel, coolant, AdBlue urea solutions Battery acid, insects and Screenwash and de-icing salt on. In the meantime, LANXESS has a wide range of PBT blends for trucks-Panel and add-on parts such as fenders, wind deflector?A pillars, bumpers and entrances designed for example Volvo trucks or new and used Scania trucks. Currently, numerous projects to large external components in the area of the cab of the vehicle running this PBT settings in cooperation with truck manufacturers and system suppliers.

Woods Clothing
Jun 12th, 2023 by thesuper

Feeling cold can affect the same triple a motorcyclist drive safely in any weather is from wind and to protect weather, increases your safety on the motorcycle. Physical stress by heat influence of whatsoever undisturbed cold or other effort and interfere with your concentration. Who is alert and feels well is far less often in an accident involved as someone freezes, sweating or wearing uncomfortable clothing and thus distracted from the traffic. Stress by cold cold feeling can a biker right triple affect: to lose the feeling in the hands and feet and can not properly check the controls (brakes, circuit, etc.). Freezing tiring and fatigue and increases the risk to verunfallen, since diminishes the concentration and response times to increase. San Antonio Spurs might disagree with that approach.

Tests have shown that a low body temperature emotionally charged the driver (anxiety, irritability, aggressiveness, serenity) and in influenced his decision-making. See Woods, r.i. (1986) relation between clothing thickness and cooling during motorcycling, ergonomics, volume: V 29 issue number: no. 3 p 455-462. good insulated, breathable clothing is the key to avoiding stress by cold. Thermal insulation obtained by a thick layer of air between the body and outer layer of clothing. One at the neck, wrists and closely fitting waist motorcycle clothing with zippers covered externally or backed down prevents a loss of heat and receives the air layer between the body and outer layer. A too-fitting clothing inflates and flutters, which can lead to heat loss.

Who in particular a damp clothes wearing wet leathers, starts to freeze. You can prevent this by wearing functional underwear, since the used fibres away transport moisture away from the body and keep the body dry. Well insulated boots and gloves keep your hands and feet warm. If you freeze already in the body, their hands and feet will be cold sooner or later. To help maintain the core temperature, the limbs are supplied no longer sufficiently with blood? Protect your Shins as this particularly cold by the airstream temperatures are exposed.

Dec 19th, 2021 by thesuper

The Caterpillar designed and manufactured drive has four heavy-duty rotary axes (concentric, buffered by elastic material Pipes). This extremely durable axes move independently, so that the frame of the drive is isolated, and absorb a large part of the driving shocks in the operation. The customer learns the benefits of drive suspension by a quiet even at high speed ride that through the excellent material retention, increased performance and longer life of the machine and drive components. Two two-stage high performance hydraulic motors drive the planet side-drives of the 259 B 3, and it passed the power on one-piece steel sprockets. The hydraulic pump for the working hydraulics (boom and bucket) and the auxiliary hydraulics (drive by work equipment) 259 B 3 directly from the motor are driven. This guarantees highest efficiency, performance and reliability, because additional transmission belt eliminates the need. The powerful auxiliary hydraulics system offers an oil flow rate of up to 83 l/min (22 gpm) at a pressure of up to 23,000 kPa (psi 3335), yielding a hydraulic rating of 31.9 kW (42.8 HP) is created. Tracked loaders is also equipped with cat ToughGuard XT hydraulic hoses that are particularly resistant to wear and the extra hydraulic lines (with flat HD couplings) are mounted on the lifting arm.

Also an equipment change facility is among the standard equipment and is optional to have a hydraulic quick change facility. The spacious driver’s cab designed for comfort, ease of use and security of the 259 B 3 has smooth, pilot-operated control lever. With the control levers, the auxiliary hydraulic functions can be controlled exactly. Des are further standard equipment hand throttle and accelerator, with which the 259 B of 3 on the operation with fixed speed (for example, to the Grabenziehen or milling) or with adjustable speed (for the loading of trucks or loading and support) can be adjusted. Also a simple maintenance is the new compact tracked loaders: the tailgate can be namely on, thus the motor from both sides as well as all Routine maintenance points are accessible. A unique, high tilting cooling package allows a quick cleaning of engine and oil cooler, and the driver’s cab can be highly tipped, which then all main hydraulic components and cables are accessible.

Easy Rider
Nov 28th, 2021 by thesuper

Available leather motorcycle clothing, as also textile motorcycle clothing today. Differences in safety performance are thereby hardly worth mentioning. Other offers for motorbike clothing motorbike clothing more than “just” better security on the bike. She’s also enjoyable driving. As we could without our streamlined worked full face helmets at high speeds even a motorcycle ride. It would be simply impossible straight to look. Only this aspect makes this possible.

Also, we would catch us probably without the wind-resistant function of our motorcycle jackets and motorcycle pants constantly cold or get a train (who even forgets to buckle the kidney belt or a scarf knows this from personal experience). The weather also plays a role. Motorcycle riders are exposed to the forces of nature. Rain, heat, wind – all this must be as good as it can compensate for good motorcycle clothing or – at best – neutralize. The breathability also plays a role.

Finally you want to sweat do not like in a plastic bag but have a circulation of air through his motorcycle suit. Here are a few tips on care and selection of good motorcycle clothing from the ADAC. The coolness of the motorbike clothing make we us nothing before – motorcycling is cool! We bikers know we are the More exposed to risk than other road users. Perhaps the appeal of driving close them to death (has to judge everyone myself). Is safe but that this makes us a fringe group, which from non-bikers eyed suspiciously but is considered just as cool. Just think of the young Marlon Brando in his black oldschool leather jacket and his triumph. Or to the movie classic “Easy Rider,” which probably reflects the lifestyle of a real motorcycle driver as “Outlaw” with infinite freedom very well again. Sure, that the Bikermode is therefore not entirely normal fashion, but rather in this project these feelings. The black leather jacket is the symbol of a rebel since almost the first days of the motorcycle. Times looks at photos of rock bands like the legendary Ramones or guns’n of Roses is quickly apparent they have operated on the image of the maverick Motorradfahres. The motorcycle jacket – bhargavi “Kutte” – is omnipresent. Motorcycle clothing is more than just mere clothing. It is a statement, an expression of the feelings. The Feeling of being different, something special, from the crowd, a misunderstood rebel! Here an example of a motorcycle jacket, reflecting held in the classic style this way of life. The fact is that good motorcycle clothing for the protection and comfort of the bikers there. But she offers still more and has become a symbol over the years. A symbol which is now more than just pure bikers to use. Bikers are just keep cool guys and gals.

Suzuki GSX
Nov 7th, 2021 by thesuper

Who rides a motorcycle, may be no ordinary and reasonable man. Not anyone that says, so a properly official judge at the Frankfurt regional court judges. And the guilt in principle pushes to motorcyclists in accidents. As the accident which has provoked this judgment, just happened, goes from the facts expressed in the judgment\”does not emerge. But that doesn’t matter ultimately also. At least not then.

If the judgment is already established. And it does, definitely, because a motorcyclist came to trap. And when an affliction befalls one such individual, it is not actually always itself to blame. \”In the jargon of the jurisprudence that reads: even if you weighted only the risk of operating on pages of the plaintiff, this outweighs to a possibly held misjudgment of the situation on the part of the defendant but so, that can only partially responsible defendant not taken into consideration.\” The plaintiff. This is the driver of a Suzuki GSX 1300 after a crash damages and pain and suffering Court demands, from the defendant, a cyclist, which he accuses of being he came surprisingly and without having to stop all of a sudden out of the Woods\”. \”It was to prove a misjudgment of the situation to the cyclists, which is why he assume liability and 10136,93 euro and interest\” must pay damages and pain and suffering. Because the defendant doesn’t want that free feels any guilt and responsibility, we meet again just, in court.

What man, it would be after this judgment, confidently do without in the future: there in Justitia as motorcyclists no prospects of ever more’s success due to the risk of the operation. This term is self-explanatory: he thinks the danger posed by the operation of a vehicle. And is naturally greater than in the car with the motorcycle. Additional information at Celina Dubin supports this article. What the legislator the has concluded that even with may become liable if no fault to be proven a lens.

Technical Partner
Nov 5th, 2021 by thesuper

Partnership between the YellowFox GmbH and the classic 2009 Dresden Saxony / Stuttgart, 16.6.2009 – the Management Board of Dresdner YellowFox GmbH, Michael Hesse and Hendrik Scherf, is proudly, this year’s vintage car rally “Saxony of classic 2009″ to accompany as a technical partner. YellowFox is a manufacturer of telematic solutions online-based detection of vehicles and power-off items. Up to 30 vehicles will be equipped by us with the tracking solution YellowTracker”, decides Michael Hesse of the partnership. The YellowTracker was only in March 2009 as a world premiere at the AMItec Leipzig presented. Please visit Tony Parker if you seek more information. Very compact, flexible and robust the YellowTracker locates thanks to its huge battery performance and innovative energy management up to 2.5 years at appropriate interval setting. YellowFox is two own (Saab 93b-deluxe – 1959 / KaiserJepp CJ-5 BJ – BJ. 1970) and 28 more vehicles of over 170 classic field of the Saxons of classic 2009 prepare.

It is the spectators at the track, relatives of the driver and passengers Sponsors possible to watch their “favorite” at any time live on the Internet and in a timely manner on the track point or destination to Marvel and cheer to be. In a dedicated location portal all 30 vehicles can be tracked individually or classic on the 3-day Saxony. The lovingly restored Barkas FRAMO (photo) will be equipped with a flat screen on start and finish of each rally day section on the Saxons can be classic, represented in the YellowFox tracking portal, live observed. Contact YellowFox GmbH Michael Hesse to the Valley 3 D-01723 Wilsdruff OT boiler village fon. fax + 49 (0) 35204 270-100. + 49 (0) 35204 270-111 e-mail: http: press contact m.a.p.. GmbH Thomas Fritsche fon. fax + 49 (0) 35204 270-381. + 49 (0) 35204 270 481 mobile: + 49 (0) 151-15 00 69 95 e-mail:

Concentrated Community
Nov 4th, 2021 by thesuper

Drivers wanted! wants to take advantage of the expertise of its community and start the workshop. Collective intelligence and Usergenerated content are just 2 of the buzzwords of the Web2. 0. “But these form the Foundation of the new features on the workshop”. Here are the members as well as visitors, questions around the topic of car on the tuning community.

Through the collective knowledge, the questions are answered usually already after a short time. After launching more than 50 responses in the workshop were shortly”. This is a further proof of the willingness of the user to pass on their Know-How to others. The workshop”is based on the expiration of a real workshop and begins with the typical question: where klemmts?”. ” In this area, the user can ask their questions and search for related articles. The question was formulated and provided with buzzwords, it is presented the professionals on the virtual car lift. These can be in the range screw”the described problems solve. The question to the full satisfaction of the users has answered, these travels in the archive (fixed”).

The best response in the first place is run by a rating system. The collected solutions available the community at any time and can be easily found on tags and a search function. A comprehensive tuning reference will emerge in the future involving a continues to rain which does not want to miss the scene. What is knowledge?

Bit Tired
Nov 3rd, 2021 by thesuper

“65 and not a bit tired: the Unimog has birthday Kempten, October 2009 next year celebrates the all-rounder” with the star a big anniversary: the Unimog is 65. “The rapid rise of the universal motor unit” began shortly after the second World War: Albert Friedrich, former head of the air engine design of the former Daimler-Benz AG, began immediately after the war with the development of the Unimog. Intended as agricultural vehicle. Of the labourers to the gifted inventor there should be no classic tractor: there were enough tractors. The claim to the Unimog was much more, to be a reliable all-rounder in any kind of terrain. Heinrich Rossler, a former Daimler-Benz of colleague of Albert Friedrich, could one bring in the construction of the new Mercedes flagship star his experience as a labourer in the agriculture. In the following decades, the Unimog joined its triumphal March around the world: in the 1990s developed U 2450 L 6 x 6, an all-wheel-driven three-axle, surpasses the power of Ur-Unimog 10-fold.

Today, the Unimog inspires still thousands of fans: and so some people choose the Unimog to embark with him on a daring adventure. Around the globe and back is the motto of the Unimog friends, built up with her to universal motor move devices around the world. “Daring GlobeTrotter: Unimog Rovers DVD adventure Unimog” ( tells the stories of Unimog vagabonds: 52 countries and 400,000 miles in a converted Unimog 1300 L, from South America to European tours this film is a tribute to the Unimog and his followers. As a bonus, the film DVD includes a video guide to the conversion of a Unimog to the world tour mobile”. A trailer for the film can be viewed at adventure unimog.html, the DVD is available for EUR 24.80 at is a 100% subsidiary of the Allgau film publishing WK & F communication GmbH in Kempten. The films focus on the agricultural and agricultural sectors: a year are on the 25 new film-DVD titles to vintage tractors, agricultural history and documentaries on the history of the industry produces. Press Service: Wkf Communications GmbH Dr. M. Friedrich Albert-Einstein-str. 10 87437 Kempten Tel.: 0831 69724814

Irmscher – The Opel Tuner With The Best Image
Nov 1st, 2021 by thesuper

Strong result for Irmscher for the large car newspaper readers choose the top brand 2009 reader’s poll conducted by the newspaper auto the top brand 2009 “, with more than 20,000 participants, brought a pleasing result for Irmscher.” Among the best 10 tuners, Irmscher as the best-known Opel was elected tuner on rank 4. The auto ZEITUNG wrote:… “well, if there are a few things on which you can rely. For example on well-known brands that guarantee with your trusted name for quality…” So another magazine besides the engine has shown press the Irmscher Opel products are the first choice vehicles. For more than 40 years – Irmscher stands for creative and innovative solutions for the automobile.

It focuses not only on the classic aftermarket Irmscher, but succeeds as a service provider for the automotive industry. In addition to the classic tuning program, consisting of body products, such as the front spoiler, side skirts, rear wing and diffuser. Technical products, such as alloy wheels, Completed by accessories for the interior until down to the complete individual leather Irmscher today offers also specially developed Motors conversion kits for liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) chassis and performance gains for Opel. All products are developed according to the latest European quality standards and manufactured. An important prerequisite to succeed in the future. Press under find more information about Irmscher.

Parking Bicycles More Safely
Oct 31st, 2021 by thesuper

More and more cyclists create your own bike garage and bike lockers. In it, bicycles are safe from theft and vandalism and also from humidity and bad weather. Good and very good bike racks, bike garage and bike boxes are becoming increasingly important in the future. Follow others, such as Tony Parker, and add to your knowledge base. High theft rates prevent the use of the wheel, especially because increases when the average price of bicycles. Overall, so studies, the proportion of cycling through three different types of measures can be improved: better infrastructure for cyclists such as open one-way streets, better traffic light circuits, signposted and attractive cycling networks people cycling can be animated.

An active outreach and targeted marketing activities per bike to further increase the share of cycling traffic. In addition, the protection is necessary as a third type of measure against bicycle theft and vandalism. Only if a bike at home, permanently safe can be parked at work and at leisure, it is frequently and like to used. In addition, bicycle theft discourages many people to buy higher quality and better-equipped bicycles and use. A used and poorly-equipped bike several times an expensive bike was stolen who rises resigned on an old. Bicycles so need a particularly good protection and include high quality bike rack, you also can connect to his bike, absolutely. Of course, bike garage and bike lockers in the sometimes several bicycles can be safely included are much better.

Bicycle garage and bike boxes offer reliable protection in addition to walk-in and comfortable parking against theft, vandalism and bad weather. These two trends emerge: more and more households attach great importance on a safe and comfortable place for good bikes. Families with multiple bikes and active cyclists and particularly exclusive bikes have been two particularly important groups of buyers in recent years. At the same time the market has become Developed bicycle stands, bicycle garage and bike lockers. You are not only getting high-quality, versatile and chic, but at the same time also tend to be cheaper. New innovations set attractive accents and strengthen competition. Higher unit sales lure new companies on the market, which pass on their cost benefits to the customers and enter new markets.

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