November 29th, 2014 by thesuper

The Konigsallee in Dusseldorf proves that shopping can be an experience, too. Originally the term referred to Boulevard”a wide, mostly tree-planted’s ring road, which often was arranged instead of former fortifications and surrounds the town centre circular. Today it connects the magnificent shopping streets and promenades in some cities, this expression but rather regardless of whether they are really ring or pull it straight through the city. And even if they are held by a too expensive, too high and too commercial, while the others complain, that the magnificent mile have lost their former charm, since over the last few decades, more and more discount stores and big chains there have catchment, as is undisputed but that they continue to exert a great stimulus and both locals and tourists are a popular focal point again and again. Among the most famous of its kind in Europe to the Example the Avenue des Champs-elysees in Paris, the via del Corsa in Rome, La Rambla in Barcelona, the Ko in Dusseldorf, which combines the Oxford Street in London and the Kudamm in Berlin, and who travels in one of these cities, these travel in most cases also with a visit to one of the famous shopping streets. And so a visit worthwhile! It doesn’t matter whether it belongs now to the lucky ones who have the wherewithal to really go shopping in the exclusive boutiques or rather to those who would rather want to limit on the watch and wonder and be happy if once in a while a deal between them is where you can afford something as normal earners. Even if you won’t come here for shopping, it is definitely worthwhile to try to find a nice place in a Cafe and to watch the bustle from there, even if you can’t expect in some places, the entertaining prospect of the price of his cappuccino it proposes a. Because the exclusivity is limited often not on the shops and boutiques, but also in the Cafes and bars, a simple Cup of coffee can be sometimes a not entirely inexpensive pleasure. “If you would like to be surprised not evil, it is advisable to take a look at the prices, so, before ever then completely left to the games popular in the most boulevards, which to see and be seen” calls, to be able to take part. Andreas Mettler

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