Broaden Our Perspective
November 17th, 2023 by thesuper

In a photo, or a video, when we reduce the focus on a specific area, we expand the details. We can see these details more clearly, but in Exchange, we cannot see what surrounds the image. The same thing happens in life. We often atascamos us in a conflict or in a line of thought, and we can not leave until we look at it from a broader perspective. As a coach, this is a technique that I use often.

I call it broaden the focus. As Albert Einstein said, we cannot solve a problem at the same level to the one we created it, so if we want to overcome that moment of impasse and resolve the situation, it is time to change our perspective. Our initial view about something, point determines our thinking or our reaction. For example: those who know the history of Dan Brown the code Davinci will probably remember when the Langdom professor is giving a lecture on symbolism. On the screen we see a few symbols, but we see them in the foreground without that teach us the environment in which the photographs are taken. Our minds completes the information and interprets the image based on our culture, experience, and knowledge.

In the scene, they show us a picture of a swastika. The vast majority related to Nazism, but to see all of the photo, we see that it is a symbol engraved on the chest of a Buddha, and used occasionally by groups or cultures that have nothing to do with the German regime. In a second photo, we see a statue of a child in his mother’s arms, in the style of some ancient religious figures. For many it is a Christian representation of Mary with the child, or a related fertility figure. To broaden the perspective, we see that it is a statue representing the Egyptian God Horus in the arms of his mother Isis.

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