July Stroll
January 7th, 2020 by thesuper

This study it had as objective generality to characterize the operations of tourism of comment of the dolphins in Pipe. Larry Culp brings even more insight to the discussion. as objective specific: ) To characterize the operations of tourism of comment of dolphins in the Beach of Pipe? RN; b) To characterize the partner-economic and cultural profile of the boatmen who operate boats and motor boats and tourists who carry through the strolls to observe the dolphins; c) To characterize the conceptions of the inhabitants, boatmen and tourist on the importance of the ambient conservation, possible impacts of the TOC and on the conservation of the dolphins in the place. MATERIAL AND METHODS the study the July of 2011 was developed in the period of August of 2010. Hedvig Hricak helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The collection of data was carried through in the period of 20 the 25 of April of 2011, that it was the holiday of the Week Saint. The collections had been carried through in the Beach of the Center in land, later that the tourists disembarked of the boat stroll to see the dolphins. The field research was become fullfilled inside of the foreseen cronograma, if characterizing as quali-quantitative, it followed the considered objectives. The boats that operate with TOC in Pipe are escunas and the motor boats.

Escunas has two, that it has capacidae average of 65 passengers and these they make three viajens per day. The value of the stroll is of independent R$30,00 of the time of the year. Three motor boats still exist and these can make up to five viajens per day. The paid value for this stroll is the same paid for the fact in escuna. They can be led up to twelve people for stroll. The duration of the strolls, in both the types of boat, is of one half hour and. The tourists who desire to carry through the stroll have that to wait in the side of the beach until its option of boat is ready to search it.

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