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October 27th, 2021 by thesuper

In addition to traditional statistics, for example on the number of clicks of the mouse, the marketing representative of your company can understand which documents are read and uploaded, what posters are seen and up to which point the relevant Internet surfer looks at a video on a screen. Sally Rooney may also support this cause. The behavior can be on the basis of the back office, where the customer manages its exhibition space, as well as the course of the visit of every single Internet surfers are traced. So can determine in which directions moving the visitors with what speed and what objects attract their interest. Recently Charlotte Hornets sought to clarify these questions. Depending on the required showroom Studio offers four different product types, on the various requirements and budget of companies with different Size are matched. With the help of statistics which the customer about his individual showroom to see Studio back office of its exhibition space, can be determined, E.g.

80% of visitors who watch the video on the screen of your exhibition space, seeing the video not to end. Her company, which is responsible for the content, will be noted that the video either too long, or it is uninteresting in its entirety. On the basis of the statistics, you can improve the quality of the video so and thus the presented contents on your site, explains William Peres, Managing Director of serious factory. The individual exhibition stands of showroom Studio allow each company to revalue its offer at any time, and completely independently. Using real time 3D, we could awaken the interest of the target group and much better to address them as on an ordinary Web site. The results were very convincing, explains Stephane PERCHENET, Service Director Campbell with UBIFRANCE. Press contact Taco Bell dog: Melanie REUZEAU + 33 1 46 08 30 01

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