IKAN Management
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Minerva IKAN solutions today introduces the new version 5.1 of the application lifecycle management IKAN ALM in Germany. Karlsruhe, the 29.06.2011 – transparent – flexible – productive IKAN supports the various processes within the software development realm. All activities are linked by IKAN ALM, using the already inserted components and supplemented. Starting in the operational requirements of the tests to the productive use of executable software, each step is automated according to the requirements of the operational processes. Therefore, IKAN ALM offers a flexible and reliable and expandable basis for consistent, controlled lifecycle, under realistic conditions tailored to the way suitable for any company. Before the introduction of application lifecycle management in the enterprise IT, even today many companies shy away from. Studies and analyses prove however that a clear cost effectiveness is to achieve in the long term with the support of an ALM solution. Complete solutions often draw a comprehensive, stringent Restructuring of IT after himself.

IKAN ALM is an integrative solution, which successively optimally complements the company’s IT. The version 5.1 of IKAN ALM has been extended by many new functions. To name two: the integration of the HP ALM platform (formerly HP quality Center) and the automation of software development with the SAP Solution Manager. What’s new in Overview: advanced engine management (parameter) integration with HP ALM support SAP lifecycle revised build and deploy parameter management cloning environments new installation dialog and more improved integration with ticket systems (requirements errors) interface for RESTful Web services… Find more information in our white paper on the homepage. Current knowledge around the subject of application lifecycle management is conveyed on easy and understandable. Minerva IKAN solutions Elke Galbraith lower Causeway 12 D-76149 Karlsruhe phone 0721 781 77 01 fax 0721 781 77 03 Minerva is IKAN-solutions partner for Integrated ALM solutions within Minerva SoftCare GmbH – from consulting, design and implementation to system integration.

Flexible Sales Controlling
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Since the introduction of STAS CONTROL banking the Hamburger is expanding their reporting successively even Volksbank and saves you the cost of expensive consultants Reilingen, 28.07.2010 sales controlling without external and expensive programmers to be able, to create flexible new reports and distribute them on push of a button at all relevant, instead of sending hundreds of emails, that is from the perspective of controlling employees of Hamburg Volksbank next to time – and cost-saving one of many advantages, which was achieved by the use of STAS CONTROL banking. STAS CONTROL provide a decisive support for goal-oriented work in the sales department. Nils Abels, line BWA of Hamburg Volksbank, moreover, we save through the use of cost by at least 20,000 euro per year, since changes in our old system were considerably more complex”, summarizes the benefits of the BI solution. In the past, was in controlling unable to create their own reports, but was dependent on expensive external resources. The distribution of the generated reports by E-Mail, it was enormously expensive. “At least one day per month was used solely for that purpose, that each sales staff his” report received.

Time you wanted to use more meaningful and since use of STAS CONTROL banking in combination with the STAS CONTROL Portal can also. After a rather lengthy decision process, the first phase of the project was completed very quickly. The first reporting for sales controlling State employees after 6 weeks and since then consistently used and expanded. Since the introduction of STAS CONTROL banking was introduced numerous additional reports. The browser-based report distribution according to individual user rights to save much manual work. After the structures and user rights are once only in the portal work, when it comes to updates and new reports. An email to around 250 users at the Bank enough, then everyone knows that the latest reports are available. Actresss opinions are not widely known.

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For visitors to this year’s CeBIT, the competence center electronic signatures of voipax has Association for organization and information systems a comprehensive information package ready. Bonn. A lecture series provides a thorough introduction to the topic and shows the use and the benefits of electronic signatures in everyday business. Read more here: Saul “Canelo” Alvarez. To complement the VOI experts together with the IT security association TeleTrusT developed a roadmap which should facilitate the search for providers and solutions on this topic at CeBIT. This is now free for downloading on the Internet page of the VOI ( available or Hall will be handed out at the VOI’s main stand 3, D33.

\”The lecture series titled digital signature: current status, fields of application, Outlook\” Hall 3, booth D19 will take place on Thursday 4th March from 9:30 in the ECM Forum. Many potential users see the issue of electronic signatures skeptical and would like to know first, before investing in an appropriate solution. Others take advantage of the electronic signature with handwritten signature and may be looking to new features, \”describes the current situation Oliver Berndt, head of the competence center electronic signatures (CCES) of the VOI. To establish the topic more, uses the CCES CeBIT and gives his expert knowledge of lectures and a signpost to the visitors. The lecture series designed by the CCES on Thursday morning, March 4th, 2010, includes four lectures and ends with a panel discussion. At the beginning of lecturers to indicate which business processes are suitable for the electronic signature respond to different procedures and explain the necessary conditions. Then is the recently introduced de mail, also called online writing a\”known in the Center. The topics of multiple signatures in the business process\”and e-invoicing – framework and solution scenarios\” are the two other presentations. Eligibility criteria of various forms of signature\”is the title of the final Panel round, in which all speakers participate.

Manfred Faulhaber
Aug 27th, 2017 by thesuper

These access restrictions are individual and flexible, but centrally manageable through the permissions system in INQUIRE to adjust. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with San Antonio Spurs. Everything runs automatically in the background. Users can get at reg-email direct, as well as a corresponding button in the application INQUIRE for the service to register. STAGEx is pleased about the new solution for digital writing a CEO Faulhaber. The time and resources required for the implementation of Reg email solution in our application was extremely low, and the use is very simple.

The added value we provide our customers, is, however, very large. The service is a very important addition to our portfolio. This also expands our Business field and we can attract new target groups. “Since the delivery button’ breeze in our existing solution be installed can also no software change is necessary.” The reg email service DirectAccess works by means of a special SMTP access and can be addressed by any any mail client or mail server. The digital letter through your reg-email server, be delivered from there, logged and archived on request. They are stored only at the express request of the sender. The recipient will receive the mail as so-called SplitMail, i.e., the Visual message is divided into two parts. It consists on the one hand from the actual content of the mail, and on the other hand from a section, which features digital registered with Transfer Protocol and contains a button with the prompt, to acknowledge receipt of mouse click.

So, the receiver at a glance recognizes the intention of the sender and the importance of the logged message. Also Hans-Peter Bauer, Managing Director of marketing and sales at Reg email, manifests itself positively on cooperation with STAGEx. After we were on common business partners and colleagues via the XING network in contact with each other, everything went very quickly. Our solution was what STAGEx had been waiting for more than a year, and we did not miss the chance to integrate our service into a highly successful and high-quality total solution and to offer added value to the users. See still huge potential auch international at our cooperation.” The reg-email procedure can be tested at any time accessible. The test input allows ten free transfers with full power. More information about the service by reg email at: or about reg email GmbH: reg-email the digital Soforteinschreiben. Reg email service is international and can be used immediately with any shipping tool. Be shipped can from and to any email address. Unique shipping logs documenting the access of the message as in the postal mail. A Hash-based security code protects the message and attachments from tampering. As a certified telecommunications company is reg email data and transmission security. about STAGEx: STAGEx is a company in Europe since 2003 and specializes in processes of Web-based corporate communication and knowledge management. STAGEx and the Swiss sister company SwissAtrium GmbH are provider of powerful software solution STAGEx INQUIRE”, with all common tasks in a company can be handled. Of course, events, educational management, special modules round off the range. The multi-tenant, multi currency capable solution impresses with the overall appearance and the individuality and the wide range of functions. press contact Germany: Ralf Hartmann / Martin Uche GlobalCom PR network GmbH Munich Street 14 85748 Garching/Munich Tel.: + 49 89-360-363-41 / business contact Hans-Peter Bauer reg – email GmbH Guglingstrasse 78 73529 Schwabisch Gmund Tel + 49 7171 104 191-11 Manfred Faulhaber STAGEx IT – and business management Stadtlanfert 7 D-33106 Paderborn Tel.: +49(0) 52 51 – 87 80 630

Interface ViFlow/ELO
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Process modeling makes document management teamwork for faster knowledge Hanover, 23.02.2011 – together with the Smart Resize GmbH is currently working on an interface of the process management software ViFlow to the document management system ELO company ViCon from Hanover. On this year’s CeBIT in Hannover, the strong team from 1 to 4 March premieres on the ELO-partner booth of smart resize GmbH in Hall 3, stand F30. The interface of ViFlow ELOprofessional system will allow to call managed documents and information directly from ViFlow in ELO and edit. This combination of document management and process management is finally much easier: up-to-date information, no double data maintenance and optimal, process-oriented steps. Many companies already use the ELO system for its document management as well as ViFlow process modeling. Previously, there was only an interface to Microsoft systems. The cooperation with smart resize GmbH now ensures a perfect teamwork of the two software systems. ELOprofessional has all the Functionalities for effective management, quick and safe control of information throughout their entire life cycle.

This includes the latest technologies, information and documents quickly to capture, manage, store, preserve and to provide. The variety of modules and interfaces allows geared precisely to the needs and special configurations. ViFlow is one of the most popular programs on the market of the Prozessmodellierungs tools since 2000. Meanwhile, the fourth generation at the start is with ViFlow 4.5 already. Based on Microsoft Visio products ViFlow enables the fast and simple visualization, documentation, and analysis of organizational and process structures. More information at. Info: CHIP SIZE the specialists for ERP applications (enterprise resource planning) from the House of Sage have the right software solution for all divisions. Core competences are accounting, inventory management, production, inventory, ordering, wage & salary and personnel management.

In addition provides CHIP SIZE solutions around the topic of CRM (customer relationship management), DMS and ECM (enterprise content management, document management) and their integration with each other, as well as in ERP applications. More information at. Info: ViCon the ViCon GmbH, software and consulting company from Hanover, offers solutions for efficient process management in medium-sized and large companies in all industries. founded in 1998 in Hanover, the company has many qualified partners and customers today worldwide. The first versions of the software solution ViFlow were used in 2000 for the extremely quick and easy modeling, documentation, and analysis of business processes with customers. In the meantime established the ViCon GmbH with ViFlow is one of the most successful business process management tools in the market. More information at. Judith Bauer ViCon GmbH

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