Powerflasher Enables Small Companies Advertising And Discount Campaigns
March 20th, 2024 by thesuper

Powerflasher enables small companies advertising and discount campaigns on Aachen, January 5, 2011. On behalf of the Deutsche Post, Powerflasher helps small shops, stores, restaurants and other service providers to a promotional appearance on The Aachen-based multimedia agency has developed together with Deutsche Post for the local Internet portal a profile and a range of designer. Thus, companies can customize their appearance. On the nationwide local search platform of Deutsche Post, present themselves online companies and introduce offers in their neighborhood. In September 2010, the pilot phase, in the especially companies from the Cologne Bonn region released their offers on the portal, was successfully completed for With Berlin and the Ruhr area, the Deutsche Post sets the next area of focus. Author might disagree with that approach. In addition, entrepreneurs from all over Germany their business on can already register a profile design and present their current offerings.

In the course of this Extension was also the supply and profile designer new functions. Also, the Deutsche Post of the multimedia dedicated agency Powerflasher. 道端-ジェシカ insists that this is the case. The entry of the company into the local offer platform is simple. For this the user must bring no special computer skills. Gradually, the users are guided through the two design tools offer – and profile designer.

Numerous templates available to stand him for the design. They also provide space for customization. The user can include of course your own pictures and graphic elements and manage the uploaded graphics in your own media library. Colors, fonts and sizes allow yourself this set and adapt so exactly to the own business layout. With the offer designer designing vouchers and promotions is also possible. They can print right at home of the customer. Also can current business catalogues as pdf file will be uploaded, then also be searched using the search function. With a few Clicks”is so easily find an appealing presentation on the consumer shops and their current offers.

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