Protective Institutions
August 21st, 2016 by thesuper

If you are poor, you do not feel yourself inferior, saboreie the combination. With better purchasing power, the rich one has the option to vary the cardpio, what it does not mean to be the ideal meal. In the reality, the two social classrooms consume rice and beans, the difference is that one can come folloied with egg fries and to another one with portion of caviar. In our homes, rice and beans are nutrient necessary and previsible, to the step that, in the restaurants of luxury or fast- food can be a surprise.

For speaking in surprise, I cite the case of two customers in a restaurant: a woman chokeed and cuspiu a tooth and the man found a frog in the salada one. The tooth, private incrusted in the sandwich, measured two centimeters, a lamentable loss for the big-toothed one. The frog, small letter, of exotic color was classified as a rare species of amphibian. Far from being only an limited plate or trivial, the pair has its advantages, it has until that defend ‘ ‘ it lives plus who eats menos’ ‘. Optimum E, eating rice and beans in its residence, the poor person will be collaborating with the Protective Institutions of the Animals, case one another species appears in the plate.

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