Rosanna Rocci
November 13th, 2018 by thesuper

For the first time, she found but also even the courage to write songs for yourself. “I want to make my fans forget everyday life and share positive thoughts with my music. We are what we think.” In early summer the whole thing started already with the first single “Ole Ola (hotter than fever)”, a driving, contemporary number with passionate text exactly as the title ‘Perche’. Mediterranean rhythms and sensual stories draw a majority of titles from (“till the end of my dreams”, “come sit”), but also the romantic side of Rosanna Rocci is finally back stronger (“True love”, “to the end of my dreams”, “Angeli In Volo”). The Ballad “Star of love” and their version of the San Remo winner title “Non Amarmi” provide for goose bumps (internationally known by Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony), which is included on this album in Italian language and for the Rosanna her boyfriend and colleague Gino Castelli could win a “great people and very creative, talented artist”. “La Vita Bella” she referred to itself as the title, “corresponding to the most of my life at the moment”. She has written himself.

With the cover version “you’re no Americano (TU vuo’ fa’ l’americano)” she had reported back last fall in the charts. “The title is a favorite song from my childhood,” says Rosanna. As a bonus track she recorded also new one its most successful numbers: “Chaka Chaka”, written by their discoverer Hanne Haller. “At YouTube you will find countless videos from Asia and America, where young and old dance line dance to this”, Rosanna, even astonished about the international popularity of the song. Not only with this re-recording, Rosanna Rocci returns to its roots.

Also the Organetto is finally back after a few years break. For the first time Rosanna has recorded even a tarantella to, who have experienced their fans at various live performances. “The piece “is so impulsive and full of energy, she radiates. Her grandpa Florio had once taught her of the game on the mini accordion. Rosanna was ten at the time and got bored in her small Italian village, where she lived with her family and in which never happened. With the music, that was different. And this feeling that music can make a difference in the life: lives and seen today. Their new album is pure Italian way of life, and with side effects: “Happiness”.

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