February 1st, 2013 by thesuper

' The solitude hugged that me at the moment of my birth, or who knows before until, me of a certainty of that, it will follow, me until the death. the space of time between a point and another one of the life, I try fills it with people, things, feelings and sensations. ' ' Although cause exists moments where the solitude me an only pleasure, I feel myself scared, therefore it is in it where I feel myself exempts. To put, the freedom me cause fear, therefore I do not know the woman free who lives in me. Freedom in the solitude! It exempts of this constant search of things make that me to feel alive and that in some way they give sensible my life. It exempts of the search of loving and to be loved. It exempts of the fear to be rejected, to be evaluated or be discarded. It exempts of the fight in search of victories, conquests and recognition.

It exempts of the punishments for the errors committed for me. (Or they would be deceits) Necessary to be less rigorous with me and more thankful the solitude, therefore it has been with it, this friend to who in such a way prezo, that I have discovered, thanks to its generous patience and wisdom. It is in it that meeting courage to accept life, the people and same me, in the way who we are. At our moments of it summons complicity, says me to it that still it goes to arrive the moment where I will be certain that everything was valid the penalty! I discovered in time, that the solitude moments can very enriching in them, since that let us be made use to enjoy, without fear, of the feared solitude!

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