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November 2nd, 2021 by thesuper

From the airport, the motorway A1 / 80 / starts 01 – toll: Portuguese motorways are toll road (except the Algarveautobahn)! “- Flash: should signs with radar” or speed control”see, drive exactly the specified speed! Usually right behind this shield, speed measurements be carried from behind! -It is quite expensive to rent these navigation system: in Portugal. We advise you to take your mobile system from home. Despite good signs you can engage more in the country. Lisbon > Fatima – 136 km / 1:30 ride time / travel costs: 24 euro (toll) 1st stage objective: Fatima Fatima is the currently most important place of pilgrimage of Catholics. Three young shepherds should have appeared on 13 May 1917 the Virgin Mary on an oak tree.

The Virgin gave them the order, each to come to this place on the 13th of the month. After the young shepherds accompanied by more and more people. The mass of people who came, was getting bigger and on the day of the last appearance of many report to have been healed from suffering. Today are the main attraction of Fatima the great neo-classical Basilica and the vast forecourt. From Easter to October, candle processions take place evenings at 21:30 local.

Dress code for ladies! It is important to remember that it is prohibited around the Basilica to wear tops with plunging neckline or a mini skirt for ladies. Add to your understanding with Howard Schultz. (Stay: we suggest 30 minutes) Fatima > Batalha – 90 km, 0:30 ride time / travel cost: 4 euro (road) 2. destination: Batalha, reachable Batalha someplace special. A small village on the edge of the village is a huge Church. It was built in gratitude for the Portuguese victory over Spain, which took place in the year 1385. Large parts of the Church were built in the 16th century. On May 13 and October 13 Please consult not the place, because he then bursts with pilgrims from all over the world from the seams.

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