Calm Down
Mar 17th, 2024 by thesuper

It seems very difficult to be calm when we are with people who do not have upset, angry or disagreeable. on the contrary, when we are calm we see that it is easier to think to solve this problem or situation. It seems a virtue hard to come by but with dedication and perhaps a bit of work we can have it forever, wherever we are, whatever happens, we are with who we are, a . There are people who have an easier time to remain calm but on the contrary are facing a lack of this virtue can work using any time when you have that free time to lie down, or get up, any spare moment and work on it, perhaps making breathing leading to find quiet, or some technique such as relaxation (which many, even doctors recommend it because they help to achieve peace and calm). Add to your well-rounded understanding with Vanessa Marcil and this leaders thoughts. Do not forget that our passage through this time dimension is uncertain, do not handle, do not know when we leave, but we can enjoy it if we act with calm, quiet, calm our minds, know, identify where are our weaknesses, strengths, how to face the situation, that way we rely on the calm, quiet and not to harm us efficiently manage our life energy. Take into account, as one comment, to realize that to enjoy things more emotional and simple life, we must slow down and give us more time to look calmly around us.

In order to enjoy life intensely, not to live hectic, time wasting energy, generating conflict, harm, tells us that we must apply the calm to eat, work, rest and interact with others. It is we who must manage the times of activities and work commitments and leisure and rest, to enjoy and enjoy our family, to walk, talk or just the fact spend more time together. Just so long to find the right balance to try to live better and share our energy between work and enjoy doing things that relax us and give us pleasure. Some tips for peace of mind: 1) mealtime a pleasure, not torture, take your time eating slowly and chewing food thoroughly.

2) Organize before activities or meetings to not having to run and be late everywhere. 3) Sleep is necessary, not less than eight hours, rest energy charge us both physically and mentally. 4) At least twice a week playing sports, swimming, tennis or just walking, drinking water and eating plenty of fruit to cleanse the body. Learn more at: Ken Kao. 5) Do not become overwhelmed with more things that you can solve, remember that quality is better than quantity. 6) Do things that cause pleasure, like listening to music, reading, painting, or spending time with friends. 7) When you remember that they take vacation to relax, try to be with the family enjoying the pleasure of being together, that the time is better spent. In conclusion, to enjoy life intensely, the opportunity of living that has given us, we know, calm the mind, control our emotions, inattentive surprised at all that generates a correct behavior, which fosters disharmony to others and ourselves . We delve into how relevant is the scope to be calm, so this leads us, helps us cope with situations calmly. Simply not to be neglected.

Real Time
Jan 8th, 2014 by thesuper

Mar 14: 33 Jack get to Peter, James and John, and began to feel AWE and anguish. Mar 14: 34 he said to them: my soul is sad to the point of dying; stay here and watch. Mar 14: 35 ahead a little, he fell on the ground and begged to be possible to happen to that of that hour. Mar 14: 36 and he said: Abba, father!; everything is possible for you; aparta de Mi this Cup; “but that is not what I want, but what you want.” Mar 14: 37 then comes and finds them sleeping; and says to Peter: “Simon, do sleep?, do nor an hour has been able to ensure? Mar 14: 38 watch and pray, that ye may not enter into temptation; that the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. Mar 14: 39 and away again, prayed, saying the same words.

Mar 14: 40 again and found them sleeping, for their eyes were loaded; they did not know what to answer him. Mar 14: 40 comes for the third time and said to them: ‘now you can sleep and rest. It is enough already. The time has come. See that the son of the man is betrayed into the hands of sinners. Human beings are the only beings in creation that we live outside of real-time.Children learn from an early age to set your mind in the future, and think, when you finish my school year, when the children’s day, when you come Kings Magi, when it is my birthday; already a little more big women, begin to dream when it is night come my boyfriend, or wishing that you dawn to go to the school to see the lover, in which young people will do to please the girl of his dreams, or maybe think about the kiss that stole the girl last week and takes more than one week that was left at that moment of his life with a smile in the face and the stare and until the father ask him do are not consuming drugs or if? But not only young people, MOM is thinking, that remains to be done, who will do eat tomorrow? does that clothes will appose the? girl next Monday? If Dad has uniform to work, if they already gave him eating the dogs finally MOM not only is in your future, but the future of the family and even the Parakeet, but the man of the House is not exempt from this situation also you are concerned about the future, his mind is fixed on the future of your House and your mind travels from past to the future and the future to the past in a endless game and each and every one of the beings of this planet travel between time plunging into a dreamy situation losing present that is the place where we should locate to deal with instead of worry by what happens to us in life.

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