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Satellite platform for broadcast tv hd (High definition television, HDTV) is provided by the company “Platform-HD. Satellite Eurobird 9,9 degrees East, the company began broadcasting four channels: it is HDTV-version of Eurosport tv and National Geographic and the Russian channels of HD-Life (entertainment television production company Red Media) and “Film screening-HD (the production company “First HDTV). The satellite signal can be received throughout the European territory of the dish diameter of 60 – 90 cm “Given that 99% contemporary content in television networks is encoded in standard definition, so far little has been justified by the acquisition of modern flat panel TVs labeled HD-Ready and Full hd, – said company ceo Konstantin Yashin. – But now the uncompromising quality of high definition television will be available to more viewers: in the next two years we plan to connect about 200 thousand subscribers. tml’>ARC China and gain more knowledge. Platforma hd plans that it will have two types of customers.

First – it’s subscribers, taking the signal directly from the satellite. To this end, the client must have a plate, a satellite receiver with hdtv support and buy a special access card. First six months view channels will be free, will continue to be charged monthly fee of 300 rubles per month. The second category of clients – it’s cable operators, which will be rebroadcast the satellite signal directly into their networks. According to Yashin, the cost to operators can be reduced only to the purchase price of $ 02.05 transmodulator thousand first hdtv in Russia in commercial service launched last year, the satellite operator NTV-Plus. Subscribers are invited channel HD-Life, as well as two channels of its own production – HD-Movie” and HD-Sport”.

The subscription fee for a package of hdtv is 300 rubles per month, but separately it is impossible to subscribe: also need a subscription to a basic package that increases the minimum wage to 850 rubles per month. Are interested in hdtv and IP-TV operators, however, they offer HD-content is less interesting than the above-mentioned satellite operators. Thus, in the “Corbin” without offered three additional payment channel: Luxe tv (Channel of luxury), HD-Medium (Russian channel generalists) and MelodyZen (relaxing images of nature). This year, hdtv has started test operation and the operator Comstar-Direct (trading mark “Stream”): in his package includes channels MelodyZen, Luxe tv, Voom tv (Channel general subjects) and HD-TV version of Discovery. True, the technology of adsl, which operates on the “Stream” is not enough to broadcast HD-channels, so the service is available only to residents of those areas where the operator has upgraded its network to ADSL-2 technology. Market participants differ in their assessment of prospects of the new company. “Dial 200 thousand satellite subscribers are unlikely to – say in ‘Corbina-Telecom’. – But the idea relay signals in cable networks looks tempting, and may interest many operators. ” A different view “Platform for hd a cable television operator Akado. “We, like other large operators Pay tv, like ‘Stream’ and ‘Corbina’ proposal for relaying HD-TV channels will not be interested, since our company was soon itself to its subscribers HD-pack with no fewer channels – said spokesman Dmitry . – Initiative ‘Platform for HD’ may be of interest only to small operators, who have problems with the licensing of content as well as customers that intend to receive HD-channels by satellite. ” For the last category, the sentence “Platform for hd seems to be quite relevant, I am sure : “The company came out on time in this niche and because the price of their services could there be a serious competition ‘, NTV-Plus’. “.

Real Time
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Mar 14: 33 Jack get to Peter, James and John, and began to feel AWE and anguish. Mar 14: 34 he said to them: my soul is sad to the point of dying; stay here and watch. Mar 14: 35 ahead a little, he fell on the ground and begged to be possible to happen to that of that hour. Mar 14: 36 and he said: Abba, father!; everything is possible for you; aparta de Mi this Cup; “but that is not what I want, but what you want.” Mar 14: 37 then comes and finds them sleeping; and says to Peter: “Simon, do sleep?, do nor an hour has been able to ensure? Mar 14: 38 watch and pray, that ye may not enter into temptation; that the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. Mar 14: 39 and away again, prayed, saying the same words.

Mar 14: 40 again and found them sleeping, for their eyes were loaded; they did not know what to answer him. Mar 14: 40 comes for the third time and said to them: ‘now you can sleep and rest. It is enough already. The time has come. See that the son of the man is betrayed into the hands of sinners. Human beings are the only beings in creation that we live outside of real-time.Children learn from an early age to set your mind in the future, and think, when you finish my school year, when the children’s day, when you come Kings Magi, when it is my birthday; already a little more big women, begin to dream when it is night come my boyfriend, or wishing that you dawn to go to the school to see the lover, in which young people will do to please the girl of his dreams, or maybe think about the kiss that stole the girl last week and takes more than one week that was left at that moment of his life with a smile in the face and the stare and until the father ask him do are not consuming drugs or if? But not only young people, MOM is thinking, that remains to be done, who will do eat tomorrow? does that clothes will appose the? girl next Monday? If Dad has uniform to work, if they already gave him eating the dogs finally MOM not only is in your future, but the future of the family and even the Parakeet, but the man of the House is not exempt from this situation also you are concerned about the future, his mind is fixed on the future of your House and your mind travels from past to the future and the future to the past in a endless game and each and every one of the beings of this planet travel between time plunging into a dreamy situation losing present that is the place where we should locate to deal with instead of worry by what happens to us in life.

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