Jean Anouilh
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JEAN ANOUILH (1910-1987) of centenary all wars are holy, I challenge that you find a combatant who does not believe have the sky on your part. Jean Anouilh. THE voice with a VISION TRAGIC of LA life Anouilh is a figure of great importance within French Theatre and is among those who enjoy greater success. His work, which became known after World War II, is imbued with an acute pessimism and a tragic and sordid life, especially appreciable vision in their famous black pieces. All his works reflect a tragic view of life.

Also noteworthy are their protest against the injustice of the world and his perfect knowledge of the use of dialogue and theatrical technique. His theatre has influence of Moliere, Pirandello and Bernard Shaw. He also wrote a type of works, calls parts roses, where grants greater space to the humor and fantasy. Jean Anouilh was born in Bordeaux on June 23, 1910 and died on October 3, 1967 in Lausanne. Son of vasco-franceses parents.

Your father was a tailor and his mother a piano teacher. He studied law and works in an advertising agency. At eighteen he decides to devote his life to the theater and Louis Jouvet becomes Secretary of the famous actor and theatre director. During the German occupation he continues to write. Not collaborating with the Germans but not form part of the French resistance, so it was criticised, however, was one of the most significant and authors represented of his generation, with works of great thematic diversity. He made his debut with the comedy the ermine (1932), but his greatest success was Antigone (1944), modern version of the classic myth, where the problem of the individual rebellion against the established order. Playing with the anachronism faithfully follows the tragedy of Sophocles, with a locker room and a language of the 20th century.

Art Farmer
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In general, it turns out that every tune is any association, not related to sex, and even distract from it. That is why the pair and come up with 'their' songs, to which they dance, they celebrate their wedding and making love. And how to pick up something that you both enjoy? It is possible that will still listen to with all the disks and choose. And maybe you'll hear it somewhere on the radio and realize that this song is 'your'. Jazz You remember how in the tv series 'Sex and the City' in the main character had a lover who adored jazz? He was delighted with the music, while Carrie did not like her and did not understand. What's the solution? Carrie was delighted to have sex with that fan of jazz, and she was like a kind of music enjoy the 'mind bending sex. " But she repeated that jazz – it's a meaningless set of sounds.

'Not in time' can be obtained. And really, it's hard to imagine that incendiary 'tra-ta-ta' as something to blend in with the rhythmic gestures partners. Although, if you like something more exotic, why not try something not too extravagant. Well, let's say, the classic Ella Fitzgerald, Helen Merrill, John Caltrane, Sarah Vaughan, Louis Armstrong. This is not a recommendation, but suddenly you and your partner love it. At least, not as 'crazy', as Art Farmer and Bob Mamet.

Classics Maybe it's not such a bad option? Of course, Bach's rule immediately, but that light works by Vivaldi or Beethoven might well suffice. And most importantly, there do not have the obsessive motifs that we hum, when you listen to pop music. Classic – casual and simple. If you know about it a little, look inside the drive and podyschi suitable option. Just do not choose the music in modern processing – can shove terrible things. I would suggest to find something like Wagner. Rock & Chanson Well, this is something from the realm of fantasy! I mean that sex under such music is very difficult. Is it possible to spend the night under the love song of a Circle or Michael 'Scooter'? Or maybe I'm just conservative? One of my girlfriend, for example, sex is unthinkable without edakogo fiery Latin rhythms, such as the Lambada. Someone after finding the very 'their' song is among the music in this extraordinary style. And enjoy! The main thing – that it was for the soul to both partners. The conclusion here is one only: to each his own! Alone you will never find a perfect music for sex, because sex – is a dance couple. So, look for this tune needed together. And let it be rock, pop, or the sound of rain – the main thing that you and your man feel that a nice motif more closely unites your body and soul. Humming this tune, you have time and again will plunge into the wonderful memories, full of passion and fire, and be willing to try again

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