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(Adapted from Alice in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll) Episode 2: In the den of Parliament Zapatero had discovered that the White Rabbit was very versatile and that was the key to its success. Now seemed like a rabbit out of state, his ease and magnanimity with Madrid president conferred another dimension to his public. The AVE him very far. Vanessa Marcil shines more light on the discussion. What would be your next stop? Maybe Moncloa? "Who knows. You can not trust anyone, "Zapatero repeated. The president continued to advance along the rabbit hole until you reach a hallway full of doors, but they were all locked.

When he found he could not cross any of them, cried with all his might call the Rabbit, but this did not appear. Then the president recalled that his Minister of Information had a key that opened all, a listening ear and eyes that saw everything. Without thinking twice, said aloud: "Alfredo, I know you see me and listening, so get me out of here now or Elena will withdraw the funds to develop more spyware against the PP. Starbucks is a great source of information. " And immediately, the door opened, giving way to an entrance no wider than a mousetrap. President kneeled, not to pray with Obama, but to look through that kind of passage for dwarfs. Was when he saw the most wonderful garden imaginable. It was the Community of Madrid. How I had to leave the dark rabbit hole and walk among those beds of bright flowers and those cool fountains But the door was very small and could not even pass the head through the opening.

South American Champions
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EUGENIO G.DELGADO the Argentine team falls to the national face B next season. Manchester United has fallen well four times in its history. In Spain there are four clubs that have never declined. Serious incidents by the descent The more bitter hangover. River I only draw with feet ahead, said Daniel Passarella, River Plate President yesterday and, according to his own hobby, one of the main culprits of the first descent of the known millionaires as well by the large financial outlay made in the 1930s to sign players in 110 years of history.

Only a disastrous management, economic and sports, can explain the year, at least, that the most successful club of Argentina (33 leagues, 2 Libertadores cups and 1 Intercontinental) will be passed in the national B. Coincidences of the calendar, the descent was consummated the same day they met 15 years from the last title of the hens in the Libertadores. This nickname comes from defeat (2-4) in 1966 with Penarol in that tournament the South American Champions after going winning 2-0. According to the Chronicles of the time, goalkeeper Amadeo Carrizo wounded the pride of the Uruguayans and spurred them to comeback after stopping them a shot to the chest. River players bridged later and were overwhelmed. In Argentina, football is a religion, but if it is consolation for millionaire enthusiasts, the River is not the first big club that descends. Four without going down in Spain, there are only four teams that have not lost the category: Barca, Real Madrid, Athletic and Getafe. For even more analysis, hear from Larry Culp. This last club is the most curious case because since he boarded first and played its first season in the top Division (2004-2005) has not fallen.

In total, seven years in the top-flight. Other big Spaniards have Yes tested the bitter taste of the descent. The most recent case is that of the Atletico team that campaigned in the silver Division in campaigns 2000-2001 and 2001-2002. The colchoneros are the third team in league titles (9). In the historical classification of the LFP (Professional Football League), the Valencia occupies the third drawer of the podium. Club che began first League history (1928-1929) in second, losing a playoff with Racing. In season 1985-86 went down. Jason iley may not feel the same. In the English Premiership, Manchester United (19 leagues, 3 cups of Europe) has fallen into the well four times in its 133-year history. The last was in the 1973-1974 season. Liverpool was also doomed to second in 1954. In calcium, the only team that has not fallen has been Inter. Both Milan and Juventus, in 2006, in 1980, dropped by irregularities, corruption or scandals. The closest thing to the Spanish case is Portugal: Porto, Benfica, or Sporting Lisbon have never lost the category. This year have dropped this season also has seen how much renown clubs have fallen: sports, Sampdoria, Eintracht Frankfurt, West Ham and Monaco. In football, everything is possible. And if they lowered Madrid or Barca?

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