Using Music as a Didactic
Nov 10th, 2014 by thesuper

USING MUSIC AS I REFUSE DIDACTIC IN the GEOGRAPHY LESSONS Ana Cristina Blacksmith Introduction the present work it has the objective to demonstrate as music can be a didactic instrument functioning as material assistant in the lessons of Physical Geography. Amongst the benefits to use it they are: the search of bigger understanding of the referring contents to physical geography; to awake the interest of the pupil and valuing the Brazilian culture and northeastern as ‘ is the case of chosen music; ‘ xote of meninas’ ‘ that northeastern speaks of the hinterland. Moreover, the boarded context in music approaches the pupils of content relates the didactic them with the reality that corresponds to the life in caatinga, the convivncia with events as: it dries, rain. This makes with that desperte the interest of the pupils in understanding its daily one allowed that they analyze of critical form the landscape knowing to define the processes where if bioma gave origin starting to value its caatinga helping to preserve its biodiversity that is the main objective of the geography professor. Music in question presents a called style and xote that it is one old dance of hall. Having as composers Z Dantas and Luiz Gonzaga I finish regarding it cited: ‘ ‘ Gonzaga Luiz of the Birth, sanfoneiro, singer, and Brazilian popular composer, born in the pernambucano hinterland.

He was famous as the King of the Baio. He was discovered in 1939, in the River, when he presented himself in the program of freshmen of Ari Barroso, singing one chamego of its authorship ‘ ‘ (ENCYCLOPEDIA ENCARTA). ‘ ‘ The music and sung by Chico Buarque in a project Jose Milton who congregated some singers in with the objective homaging the singer Gonzaga Luiz. Chico Buarque ‘ ‘ it possesss a style that is resulted of the union between bossa new and the old guard of the samba. ‘ ‘ Son of the historian and sociologist Sergio Buarque of Holland, was born in 19 of June of 1944 in the Carioca quarter of Isabel Village (ENCYCLOPEDIA ENCARTA.). ‘

Home Kit
Apr 11th, 2014 by thesuper

Also helps combat the fungus that causes dandruff because of its fungicidal action. We can buy a shampoo that contains tea tree or using a very simple method is to add four drops tree essential oil of the te undiluted on the dose of shampoo (preferably neutral) that we are on hand to wash our hair. Pediculosis: Is a very effective remedy against lice. First we will wash us our Shampoo (add 4 drops to the dose we use) and then after rinsing hair peinaremos it with a comb impregnated with oil. Body hygiene: this oil is very recmendable for people who flock to gyms, swimming pools or any other public places, where it is exposed to multiple infections. Since it is a very powerful antiseptic, can be used in small amounts in the hands or feet, or diluted in water through spray or mouthwash. For infections, gynecological and hemorrhoids: A sitz bath for 20 minutes with 10 drops of pure oil diluted in warm water.

Nail: In the case of fungi (Mycosis), ingrown nails and removing ingrowing nails can place directly essential oil on the affected area. To intensify the treatment performed local baths in 1 or 2 liters of water slightly hot with 8 drops of essential oil for 20 minutes. For athlete’s foot, clean with a cotton impregnated with essential oil of the tree of the you pure and do the same operation as for the ingrown nails. Conjunctivitis: Add a drop of oil in a glass (of glass) with boiled water warm, soak a cotton, squeeze it and placed on the eyelids for 20 mins. 2 times a day. First aid: this essential oil is indispensable in the Home Kit, because it gives us a wide range of possibilities as well as allowing us to customize products cosmetics, dotandolos of therapeutic properties, which make this oil an option useful, safe, economic, non toxic and naturally effective.

Playful Educational Activities
Nov 6th, 2012 by thesuper

The present article presents some theoretical opinions and quarrels that involve the context of infantile learning, mainly as for the playful activities developed in the practical pertaining to school, also implying to a reflection of playing in the global development of the children. Words keys: Playful, learning. For many the playful word if confuses with diversion, pastime, occupation lack, amongst others, however, pedagogically speaking, the playful one is related to the set of activities that provide diversion, can still include also toys, tricks and games, facilitating the learning. In such a way, the act to play is part of the creative potential of the individual, where this if modifies from its proper imagination. The playful one is more than a simple diversion, is through it that important changes in the development occur psychic and motor of the child, promoting its interaction with the reality and providing the child to the learning, exchange of experiences and the socialization, thus collaborating, for its pertaining to school success.

Through the playful activities the children develop some capacities, exploring and reflecting on the reality, the culture in which is inserted, incorporating e, at the same time, questioning social rules and papers. She can yourself be said that in the playful activities the children exceed the reality, transforming it through the imagination. The incorporation of tricks, games and toys in practical the pedagogical one can in such a way develop different activities that contribute for innumerable learnings, in the magnifying of the net of constructive meanings for children as for the young. In the playful activity, what it matters is not only the product of the activity, that is, what of it results, but the proper action, the lived moment. More important of what the type of activity is the form as is guided, as the reason is lived deeply and to be being carried through.

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