The Freedom
October 27th, 2021 by thesuper

In the State of so being “we get only when we neither fix feeling, so hold, nor via dramatize it or determine the route and the diRECtion, where the feeling has to transform. The direct experience of being “is only then possible, let it be our feelings”, as they now are. It works of course also in the entgegengesetzte forward direction. We all know Yes situations where we are dealing with our feelings, so any feelings to have, too much is apparently. Then we go into the mode of thinking, to get us support. Megan fox understood the implications. We give us a kind of sabbatical from our feelings, we change the thinking mode.

Here it is useful to distinguish two directional types in my opinion. One is the streamlining and avoid. And the other is the design of our minds, say our reason claiming more. One thus interrupts the natural flow of the transformation, and the others tried to support him by allowing us a healthy distancing of our feelings. The two types differ mainly by different motivations, the first tends to be out motivated out of fear, not with the sense to bypass so basically fear occupied; the second is caused by confidence is motivated out of love the freedom, knowledge and thinking is consulted here deliberately. What course does not mean that one better or the other is bad, but only that it just different motivations and motivations and therefore different effects are. This fact should remind us simply that there is often more than just a possibility, and that we have the freedom to choose to follow one or the other way. “” The model thinking feel be “so its benefit where we might need perhaps a little more clarity about our present condition, and it from there will find us out as an orientation aid towards so be” can serve.

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