“The Resin – A Winter
October 26th, 2021 by thesuper

Mathias Beck invites to the new photo exhibition. The many long awaited and long white Christmas joy has not fulfilled although in 2009 for most, but the wish came true after a neat, a proper winter. Throughout Germany 2010 shone in the wintry splendor. Winter Wonderland everywhere I looked. Naturally also the resin in the snow sank and what initially enjoyed young and old, has become a nightmare for many. Less for those who are at home in the Highlands, like the Halberstadt or the Quedlinburg, that are used, but for the urbanites”, many, especially older pedestrians and motorists. A winter picture book is an almost wistful look behind us, a time of crackling cold, meterhoher snowdrifts and frozen waters, also a time of peace and reverence for nature, with the anticipation in the heart on the spring. Mathias Beck: My photographic journey takes you from the romantic Selketal Ballenstedt, Castle Park about the Devil’s wall by Neinstedt-Timmenrode, to a brief flying visit to the world heritage town of Quedlinburg, up to the fabled Rosstrappe, fields and meadows in Friedrichsbrunn, and finally to the highest point of the Harz, the brocken.” “Caught up” was a winter as they thought him in our latitudes not been possible, with bitterly cold-20 C, frozen in the ice and snow-covered forests and meadows.

Crystals that clung to branches, leaves and fruit, every man for himself a small work of art. My pictures show frosty beauty and a landscape that holds, that slow down my steps can be in awe of this force that has changed now but again and spring shows unmistakable traces”, so Beck next. Mathias Beck: You are cordially invited to the opening of the exhibition on Tuesday, 30 March at 16:30. To deepen your understanding Vanessa Marcil is the source. Join me on my photographic journey in the winter resin.” The exhibition will be until June 21, 2010 in Office of ENWI in Halberstadt, Braunschweiger str. 87/88 instead.

On the Internet site, visitors on your own personal journey of discovery after interesting and moving subjects can go and deepen their impressions about the exhibition. Portrait: A look is the first way into the soul of another human. It is the chance to inspire someone to spark his interest, to touch, to encourage, to disturb, to provoke, to disappoint. We think and live in pictures – we have pictures for all – even our language cannot survive without them. How rare is aware, what precious commodity we have. What would miss us if we could not visualize our feelings, perceptions, and desires? I have photographed has always been fond. For two years, it has rather become an addiction. The searches for a very special feeling of happiness, inner satisfaction and recognition. Often looking for the slightly different image… An image which moves, touch – to the Incite thinking. Not more – not less – sometimes a long way… Mathias Beck, Steigerwald route 14, 06502 Thale phone: 03947 / 499726

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