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Main article: Blu-Ray cell phone plan chooser disc format used in wifi the PlayStation 3.
At the stage of development of the PlayStation 3, Sony decided to cellular phone plan chooser equip the Blu-ray player plans in PlayStation 3, whose intention was to boost the format developed and movies stored in that format. The disc is 12 software cm in diameter as the DVD and CD. The Games of PlayStation 3 are stored in that format, which many developers have taken advantage of the storage Blackberry capacity of the disc to add more extras in the games. Blu-ray discs are made from pulp and paper instead of polymers such as CDs or DVDs, wireless phones which are biodegradable. But Blu-ray discs have a protective cover Blackberry phones to scratch is not biodegradable. A Blu-ray disc can store up to 25 GB Blackberries of cellular providers data per layer, 50GB double layer. In 2008, Blu-Ray becomes the standard Blackberry cellphone of the successor of DVD optical media after the withdrawal of Toshiba’s HD DVD production in February 2008. In the previous format war Blackberry cell phone between HD DVD and Blu-Ray, the PlayStation 3 was regarded as the Blu-Ray player cheaper.
One study showed that 60 of PS3 owners are unaware of having a Blu-ray reader and the other 40 know that incorporates a Blu-ray reader and they have used the reader cellular phone plans to see high-definition movie. Were also made that same study to other consoles where 30 wireless providers email know that cellular phones the keyboard reader can be used to view movies in high definition.

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