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November 5th, 2009 by thesuper

The Trustee of the Riverdale Country Day School is work with Entrust was recognized at the sixth annual Invest Hedge Awards a few days ago a group of people were commenting on the hackneyed theme of economic crisis and tangentially to the subject of the education, and this is where I like to make my comment. EnTrust was founded in 1997 by Goldman Sachs Group Inc. alumni owns his own horse farm – “rosehill horse farm” Already in the eighteenth century, Smith linked economic financing progress with qualification and training of individuals private equity and related training, productivity and income, the greater the training when there is greater economic growth and higher incomes, since then have generated multiple theories on which ultimately brings together the increase in human capital with long-term growth. Today, with the incorporation of technology is when it becomes more obvious the need for training, but trained people are much more positive influences in generating productive people around him, with business and with the rest of the economy in general. It is therefore not difficult to conclude that technological progress will depend on the one hand the increased formation of individuals and unsecured loan on the other investments in scientific research and innovation. And sba loan in our country what has happened ‘. Very simple so commercial loan far our growth has been based on the construction and service sectors, with a low-skilled finance labor, successive administrations have not bothered to promote research either directly or indirectly through tax policies for the Private Sector do. Successive reforms of the education system have failed commercial business loans for students to form, in addition to not clog the high percentage of student dropouts, which have resulted in unskilled jobs, if these parameters remained unchanged will be very hard a leap to a more stable growth . Ultimately the training and education than the personal and social growth of individuals, has positive effects on income, politics and economy in general and this is directly responsible for our politicians more concerned with other issues.

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